Board Game Review: Slamwich

Board Game Review: Slamwich

Gamewright Games

Ages 6 and Up 2-6

Players 20 minutes

Card Game

Flip, stack, slap! Slamwich is a fast-paced, silly, and energetic card flipping game reminiscent of Slapjack, War, Uno, etc. The game comes with 55 playing cards that are die cut to resemble bread and illustrated with various sandwich fillings and toppings. Some of the special cards have artistic illustrations of people.

We love Gamewright games at EFG and were very excited to find this on sale at a local big box retailer. It looked like a great, somewhat goofy game that would appeal to my 5 year old son. Slamwich has an MSRP of $9.99, but if you look on Amazon, you can find it for less. Gameplay starts by dealing out the deck as evenly as possible.

Taking turns, each player takes the top card of their deck and flips it onto a center pile. If a set of criteria is met, players race to slap the pile. The combinations are easy to understand. A Double Decker-If the flipped card is identical to the card directly underneath. A Slamwich– If two identical cards have exactly one card in between them (like a sandwich). Special cards like a Thief or a Muncher add unique criteria and help to make winning more random. If a player runs out of cards, they are out of the game. Whoever collects all of the cards wins.

We’ve played through the game many times with children of various ages. My 8 year old says it’s silly and fun and very easy. My five year old says it’s gross and fast and he usually ends up in fits of giggles because of the unique food combinations. My husband doesn’t like that the kids are faster than he is. But, adults can play all out and not be guaranteed to win (which is always a great teaching by example opportunity).

While not as complicated or thought provoking as some of Gamewright’s other games, it is still entirely playable. We liked some of their other choices for early gamers better than this one, but it’s a good game to have on hand for younger children that requires no reading or number recognition.

Is this game worth running out to buy immediately? Perhaps not. But, it’s a great stocking stuffer or add-on gift for your young gamer. Overall, this is a simple and fun way to reinforce early literacy skills such as pattern recognition and sequencing. While kids are flipping and stacking cards, they’re actually learning how to recognize a series, make combinations, and anticipate what might happen next.

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