Kickstarter Preview – Cheese Quest: The Quest for Cheese

Cheese Quest


Cheese Quest is a game created by Phil Schadt with the art by Peter Gandia.  It is for 2-4 players and is recommended for ages 9 and up. The gameplay is anticipated to take 45-60 minutes. The premise of the game is that you are in a house trying to navigate around the cats, the other mice, and the mouse traps to bring two pieces of cheese back to your nest.


The game board is made from connected hex pieces referred to as room pieces, and provides a wide variation in the game board.  There is a deck of action cards called “the pantry”.  The cards can both help the player advance and act to undermine the goals of the other players.  For example you can move a cat from one cat bed to another.  The game also includes cat and trap tokens.  The artwork is a darker cartoon aesthetic.  It is reminiscent of the harder lines and more angular features in cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s. The graphics are not scary and they maintain a kid friendly look.

On each turn there are five potential actions a player can take, but they can only complete three actions a turn (and are permitted to repeat an action). The actions include: move your mouse token one space, pick up a cheese token, draw any card from the pantry, play a card from your hand, and disable an obstacle on the board. Players need to balance advancing their mouse verses thwarting the efforts of the other players.  

From the Kickstarter information, this looks like a fun and relatively light strategy game that could be played as a whole family.  The reading involved with the cards, game play option, and the strategy involved the recommendation for age nine and up seems quite appropriate.

The Campaign

 The game is on Kickstarter will end on October 11th.  To get a copy of the game requires a pledge of $29. As of the time of this write up the game has $7166 pledged of their $12,000 goal and has 128 backers.  With only a few days left of the Kickstarter campaign anyone interested needs to check it out before time runs out.

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