Kickstarter Preview: Turing Tumble

turing tumble

Turing Tumble is a game that landed on Kickstarter on May 30th and made a big splash. There have been a ton of coding based board games on that service over the past few years, but this game is a bit different.

Paul Boswell, a former professor at the University of Minnesota, developed Turing Tumble because he wanted to help produce a game that helps teach players how computers think as opposed to how they behave. He wanted to reinforce the idea that simple switches, connected together in creative ways, can do amazing things.

At the end of it all, Turing Tumble is less of a traditional game than it is a puzzle so players shouldn’t expect a competitive experience. Instead, it comes with a game board, a large number of different switches, and a game book with 51 different puzzles that will teach players all about the inner workings of the computers we use every day.

The campaign is less than $100 away from funded at the time of this writing so your pledge is all but a preorder at this point. Backing the game costs $60 unless you have a 3D printer, at which point you ca pay $15 for the digital files to create your own copy at home!

What do you folks think? Are you backing this campaign? Sound off in the comments.

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