Kickstarter Review – Don’t Be That Guy!

Disclosure: Don’t Be That Guy is NOT a game meant for families to play without heavy modification. I reviewed this game using play throughs with several adults. I recognize that this is a family gaming site, but we do occasionally write reviews for video games and card games that have value for parents when the kiddos are off to bed.  A copy of the game was provided gratis for review purposes. 

Don’t Be That Guy is a card based humor game designed  with four different modes of play available. The primary method of play, described in the video below, will be a tough task for circles of friends as it challenges the players to call each other out for their most obnoxious behaviors and habits. It is (at best) awkwardly hilarious and (at worst) horrifically frustrating.

The gameplay example shown in the Kickstarter video is an accurate example of how it all plays. Someone reads a card. Everyone immediately accuses someone. Discussion takes place. The card is assigned. You move on.

The other game modes do make things more interesting for those less interested in bearing their souls or attack their friends. The ability to choose to play as another person was an interesting wrinkle. I actually played this game with a crowd of LARPers who enjoyed playing as their fictional personas.

At the end of the day, Don’t Be That Guy is entertaining for what it was. But, requires a very specific set of friends who are willing to be a bit more mean spirited than I would normally like.


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