The Titans are Coming! – The First Three of Calliope’s Titan Series!


On March 31st 2015 Calliope Games set out on a game development journey of titanic proportions (Yes. I went there.) They launched The Titan Series, a Kickstarter campaign, to help fund a dozen games designed by renowned game designers all at once. This was a difficult task, but it was a fruitful one. Their Kickstarter goal was satisfied relatively quickly and they set to work bringing this game shelf worth of board games to live.

A year and a half has passed and we are finally nearing the home stretch on the first three games to be released in the Titan Series. Take a look below to see if any of them interest you!

Running Of the Bulls

Running of the Bulls is a race to the coast where players take on the role of tourists who are vacationing in the idyllic village of El Toro. The goal of the game is to help the tourists outwit a herd of rampaging bulls and make it to the tourist destinations at the bottom of the map.

The game is broken up into three rounds, called “days.” During each day players will use actions cards to help navigate the village streets and trick the bulls. Having your tourists reach their destinations earns you points. The player with the most points wins!

The game board for Running of the Bulls is bright and colorful. It features hilarious images of bulls being wild in this once peaceful town.


Hive Mind

Hive Mind is an interesting take on the trivia game genre. The goal is for the person whose turn it is to guess the same answer to a given question as one or more people at the table. For example, the question might be “What are three things that are better when they are hot?” Every player will secretly answer the questions and compare them. The active player will take one step further into the hive for every person they match, and will take steps backwards if they fail to match anyone. The goal is to NOT get kicked out of the hive.

The game comes with 300 cards that each has 6 questions. That’s 1800 questions total within the box! That should be more than enough to keep your family or  gaming group (of up to 12 people) going for a VERY long time.


Menu Masters

I am more familiar with this game because I have actually played it. I played a demo of the game with a prototype copy while I was at New York Toy Fair. 

Menu Masters is a clever game where player takes on the role of a renowned chef. The goal is to create the best menu that you can which earns you victory points. You do this by earning money and spending it on ingredients at various stores (A butcher, a bakery, etc).

On each turn you can choose to either get in line to purchase the ingredients you need OR forgo gathering ingredients in favor of opening the shop yourself. Identifying when it is a good time to take either action is key to victory.

The game components feature cheeky illustrations of various styles of chef. All of them look like caricatures of the kinds of chefs we might see on food TV or in movies. I really enjoy what I have seen of the art so far.

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