How Do I Tell All These Skylanders Apart?


Skylanders have become a huge success in recent years. Kids everywhere are asking their parents, Santa, or anyone else who might listen to help them get in on the action. The toys themselves are everywhere and it might not be very clear what games they can work with.

But, fear not! We have a quick and easy guide to figuring out how to tell if you’ve got the right Skylander for your child’s game.

If the character is out of the package, it might seem impossible to tell which version of the game it will work with, and it turns out that Activision thought of that.

All you have to do is turn the figure over and look at the color of the translucent base and that will tell you what game it came from. Just to make it easier we set up this chart to help you figure out which games it can be used in! BaseColor Also at the bottom of the base, you’ll find the symbol for the element. So, if your kids are asking for a Trap Team Earth character, you just need to look for a red base and the symbol on the chart below!


Now, each game after Spyro’s adventure has a special type of character who is able to unlock mini-levels to gain magical hats. In Giants, the characters are obvious by their sheer size in comparison to the others. Swap Force brings in larger characters, that disconnect with magnets at the waist. They have an additional type that unlocks areas, that you’ll see below.


In Trap Team, the special characters are also larger than the common Skylanders and have a translucent weapon or headwear.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to understand what Skylanders you are getting! For more detailed information on Trap Team Skylanders, check our our article here!

*Note – we will continue to update this article as more different Skylanders are released so feel free to bookmark this and check back whenever you need to!

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