NBA Live 2018 is Back! Will it be “The One?”

nba live 18

One of the biggest surprises during the EA Play event at E3 2017 was the return of NBA Live 18. EA has had very poor luck with the franchise in the past so it was possible that they would hang up their sneakers and stop making the games. I don’t think anyone would blame them in the face of NBA 2k which has been dominant for the last several years.

In spite of all that, NBA Live 18 is on the way. EA made a brief game play demo that showed the high level of control they will have over their players. It was very impressive, even if it might make the game a bit more difficult for newcomers.

Another key feature of NBA Live 18 is called “The One.” This is a career mode that gives players the chance to complete challenges in “The League” or on “The Streets.” What this means is that players will be able to play traditional NBA games as well as five on five games of “street” basketball on famous courts like Venice Beach and Rucker Park. This is interesting because the actual game rules will be different in the two game formats.

NBA Live 18 will have a beta last this summer, so we’ll learn more about the game and how it plays then. Until that time we can only wonder whether or not EA will be able to compete with NBA 2k18.

What do you think? Are you and your family going to play this game? Let us know in the comments!

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