Armillo Review

Armillo Review

Fuzzy Wuzzy Games

ESRB – E for Everyone

Reviewed on Wii U

Overall Review:

We live in a world dominated by video game nostalgia. HD remakes are being released in droves and games like Shovel Knight are showing us the games of our past as we remember them. Armillo is a game that doesn’t immediately appear to be part of that movement. It might not even have been designed as such, but it feels decidedly old school in spite of its modern presentation.

Armillo for the Wii U feels like the sequel to Marble Madness (an amazing Nintendo era video game) that I have always wanted.

Players are tasked with controlling a space armadillo and controlling him as he rolls around sphere shaped levels destroying obstacles, gathering keys and avoiding hazards (lots and lots of hazards) . There is a story that involves fighting off a race of robot invaders, but that largely serves as window dressing for the arcade-style action within the game.

This wasn’t the most complex gaming experience I had ever had, but I could not take the smile off my face while I was playing. Every level presents new challenges and new environments to play in. Some of the hazards were more frustrating than they were “fun” (I’m looking at you block mazes!), but nothing ever felt unfair. This is important because Armillo is definitely not an “easy” game to play.

I gave my oldest son a shot at playing the game and it took some time for him to adjust to the controls, but he was able to make a reasonable amount of progress before his motor skills started to fail him.

All in all, this was an enjoyable experience that was definitely worth my time and I think that your family will enjoy it too!

Family Gaming Assessment:

There is nothing to be concerned about here. Armillo is an alien armadillo that rolls around spherical mazes. There is no foul language, blood, etc. I would feel comfortable letting anyone play it.

Playability Assessment:

There are two control methods available for Armillo that drastically change the ease of playing the game: joystick and motion. Using the joystick manually controls Armillo as he rolls through the different mazes. The motion controls make use of the sensors within the Wii U game pad to allow players to control him that way. This choice is available in the options menu and is entirely up to the player. Everyone will find their personal preference.


Armillo is a simple game, but it is a unique experience that players will not find anywhere else. Its low price point ($7.99) makes it a great impulse buy or reward for good behavior.

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