HD Remasters that Nintendo Needs to Release ASAP!

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I’m just going to be honest here. Getting my hands of Mario Kart 8 has be hungry for the classic Nintendo art style in the same glorious high definition. I spent the entirety of the Wii’s life cycle claiming that HD wasn’t important. I was convinced that I would be happy with what I had. At the time I was, but I have now seen the light and I want more!

Nintendo has a massive catalog of games that could be updated to HD without a “huge” amount of effort. These HD remakes would help fill the drought while we wait for new games to arrive.

Here are some of the games on my personal wish list. I would love to here you’re suggestions in the comments!

Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy II

This is the most obvious pick of anything on this list. The Mario Galaxy series contains two fo the best Mario games ever made. They brought Mario back to 3D in an inventive way and with a playful art style that would look glorious with an update.

If Nintendo is even thinking about doing more HD remakes beyond Windwaker then these should be at the very top of that list.

Metroid Prime Trilogy

A fresh coat of HD paint would work wonders here. These are three great games that were already bundled together once with great success.

The Metroid Prime Trilogy isn’t universally loved, but they are amazing sci-fi shooters that could help fill a gap for parents looking to give their shooter-curious children something to play until they are ready for Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess

Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD was a great idea. It stands to reason that these next two games in the series would be work out well also.

Fans have been hungry for the next Zelda installment for WiiU since it was teased at E3. One, or both, of these titles remasted in HD would be a great way to give Zelda fans something to play in the meantime.

It is also worth noting that the best version of Twilight Princess was on the Gamecube where it did not have motion controls. This would give players another chance to play through the game as it was originally designed.

Luigi’s Mansion

My wife made me put this here (because it is her favorite game). The more I think about an HD remake the more I like it. Luigi’s Mansion was a unique concept that was our first real opportunity to play as Luigi.

This is an underrated title and a fresh coat of paint would make it a welcome addition to the WiiU lineup even if the year of Luigi is over.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Monolith Software crafted a masterpiece, but the one thing holding it back were its antiquated visuals. The game “felt” like it should have been produced in HD. We know that Monolith is already working on a new game that they are calling “X.” But, is it too much to ask that they farm the HD remaster out to another company so we can have something to fill our time until then?


What about you? What HD remasters do you think Nintendo needs to put out? Sound off in the comments!

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