Nintendo MiiVerse has Gotten A Significant Update!

Nintendo MiiVerse has Gotten A Significant Update!

The Nintendo MiiVerse was originally designed to be, essentially, a Nintendo focused social network. No one can say it has gone unused, but it definitely needed an update to encourage people to use it more.  A recent update to the MiiVerse is pretty significant and will likely encourage some more use.

Miiverse gets a major update that makes discussing games easier than ever. (Photo: Business Wire)

Here is an overview of some of the biggest changes.

Screenshot Album

Players can maintain a private gallery of 100 of their favorite game memories. You just press the home button during game play and BAM! your screenshot is saved.

Play Journal

Nintendo is replacing the Activity Feed with a Play Journal. In yesterday’s world players would make posts to the activity feed just like you would post to your Facebook wall.

These posts will automatically be associated with whatever game you were playing when the journal entry was made.


MiiVerse Communities Get an Update

The biggest update is that everyone’s Play Journal entries for a given game will be visible in its MiiVerse Community. For example, everyone who makes a Play Journal entry while playing Splatoon will have their posts visible in the Splatoon MiiVerse community.

There will also be separate sections within the Community for Drawings and Discussions.


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