Spikey Walls Review

Spikey Walls Review

Overall Review

Independent developer RCMADIAX has come up with a unique business model. He develops micro-games for the Wii U that are similar in scope to games that would be released on iOS and Android tablets. We have played a lot of their games and reviews will be coming to the site over the next week. Spikey Walls is the first game we played from them.

Iʼm not even going to avoid it. Spikey Walls is, essentially, a console port of the iOS phenomenon Flappy Birds from early last year. Gameplay is simple. You tap a button in order to make a bug arc upwards slightly in order to fly through openings between… wait for it… spiked walls.

This isnʼt anything revolutionary in design here. The game functions very similarly to a free-to-play iOS game and costs actual money. This is all true, but you know what? I bought it and I donʼt regret a minute of it.

The biggest source of enjoyment for this was passing the controller with my sons and chasing high scores while still being able to see the game. This is a difference maker since you canʼt really do that on an iOS device. You can see the score at the end, but you canʼt see exactly what they did. It is a lot of fun.

Family Gaming Assessment

You control a bug while you fly through spiked walls. This game is fine.

Playability Assessment

Spikey Walls includes one button controls. This is perfectly intuitive for any sort of gamer.


Spikey Walls costs less than a frozen burrito. If you and your family plays it for more than a few minutes a month over the course of the Nintendo Life Cycle you will get your moneyʼs worth a whole bunch of times over.

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