RBI Baseball 2014 Review

RBI Baseball 2014 Review

Released: April 9, 2014


Reviewed on PS3


Overall Review:

I was jumping out of my seat when I first saw that RBI baseball was being released to help provide an alternative to MLB 2014 : The Show . I knew there was a place in the market for a less complex baseball game that focused on entertainment value and pure “fun” as opposed to being a simulation. In short, I wanted Ken Griffey Jr Baseball for the SNES with a modern aesthetic.

As it turns out, I got excited too fast. I am sad to report that RBI Baseball 2014 misses the mark in a few very big ways.

I will freely admit that a lot of my disappointment is built on expectations. The (relatively) low budget and the cartoonish art style led me to believe that this would be a casual baseball game.

But, instead I found that big data like the MLB PITCHf/x influencing the outcomes. This should seem like a small gripe, but the end result was a stale experience that lacked the grandeur of the full simulation we find in The Show OR the casual appeal of the classic baseball games of previous generations.

Family Gaming Assessment:

The one bright side to this title is that it is family appropriate. There is nothing to be concerned with here.

Playability Assessment:

RBI Baseball 2014 is not difficult to control. I would hesitate in encouraging younger children who have no experience with baseball to play. But, players should be able to “make the game work” just fine.


It pains me to say it (considering my initial excitement), but this game isn’t worth it unless you are desperate for a baseball fix and simply can’t buy MLB: The Show 2014.

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