Connected Camps: Kid’s Club Membership

Connected Camps: Kid's Club Membership

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The people over at Connected Camps reach out to our staff and requested that we publish a post about their program in exchange for compensation. I am required to disclose that, but rather than sneak the disclosure in at the end in a tiny font I wanted to declare it right up front along with the promise that I believe in this program and would not have published anything if I didn’t.

Minecraft is a game that seems to have taken over the world in recent years. You would be hard pressed to find a school aged kid that has not at least heard of the game and millions of them play every day. The best part of the Minecraft craze is that it is more than just a simple video game. Minecraft is a game with a huge amount of potential for learning and expression of creativity. Unfortunately, the vast majority of parents can’t tap into this potential because they don’t know enough about the game to help their kids make the best of it. That is where Connected Camps comes in!Regular readers will recall that I wrote about Connected Camps before the summer started. They are an online program that offered a Minecraft summer camp for kids who were interested in using the game world to help learn about math, technology, and teamwork.

The summer may have come and gone, but Connected Camps is still hard at work bringing the learning power of Minecraft to the masses. They have recently launched a “Kid Club” for children ages nine though thirteen. Membership in the club costs $24.99 per month and includes full access to the Connected Camps Minecraft servers and includes special access to programs and events that they run.

This isn’t just mindless fun though. Club members will be playing with experienced counselors in the very same moderated environment. This should go a long way towards helping timid parents feel more comfortable with online play.

The $24.99 can appear to be a daunting figure, but Connected Camps does include an option to purchase it with an annual fee of $249 (a $50 savings). The membership also includes discounts on any afterschool, winter, and summer camps that they run.

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