The Humble Indie Bundle All-Stars Have Arrived!

The Humble Indie Bundle All-Stars Have Arrived!

The folks over at the Humble Bundle are at it again. They have released a new, and amazing, bundle of independently developed games that is available for an absurdly low price that can be almost entirely donated to charitable causes!

This time around the bundle includes the “All Stars” These are games that have appeared in bundles before and were HUGE draws. Many of them are award winning indie games that have been around for years.

The bundle includes:

Pay whatever you want and receive:

Word of Goo

Super Meat Boy

Dustforce DX

Pay more than the average donation (currently ~$5) and receive:

Dungeon Defenders Collection



Pay more than the average donation +$1 and receive:

Risk of Rain


Why should parents care?

The fact that these games were available years ago might not be relevant to parents and families who aren’t buying games until recently. This is a greatest hits collection of independent games and among them the only games that are not really acceptable for kids are Limbo, Braid, and Super Meat Boy. With that saidthere are videos of those games available all over YouTube so parents can watch the games plays and see if they are problematic for their children.

The reality is that it is almost summer time and this stack of games will help to fill up whatever screen time you allow your kids to have for a very low price.

It is worth noting that several of these games are VERY difficult so they aren’t intended for early gamers, (Super Meat Boy is a very difficult game that was basically designed to challenge expert players. Be ready to look up some YouTube videos with your kids to get strategies.)

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