Holiday Shopping Guide: 3DS/2DS Games

Holiday Shopping Guide: 3DS/2DS Games

By: Stephen Duetzmann, editor in chief

The 3DS tripped out of the gate thanks to a poor launch lineup, but those days are long gone. The 3DS XL is easily one of the most popular pieces of technology in our house and there is a near endless supply of games. This is a great purchase. This is especially true if you take frequent car trips.

The 2DS launched this fall and is a less costly option meant for younger kids (I think I want one for myself though!) This is a great way for people who just want to experience some of the games the 3DS family has to offer without paying a higher up front price.

Also, keep in mind that the 3DS  and the 2DS are also backwards compatible with DS games. There are hundreds of games that can be purchased on the cheap that are just as entertaining as the more modern games. Make sure to check those out too!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

This is a big year for Zelda games. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is as close to a true sequel that Nintendo will ever have in the franchise. Its predecessor, A Link to the Past, is one of the most loved games in Nintendo’s history and A Link Between Worlds looks like it improves on every aspect.

If you remember trying to rescue Zelda when you were a kid and long for the chance to introduce your own kids to the series this is an amazing start.

Pokémon X/Pokémon Y – E

Pokemon has been so big for so long that it is never going away. (No matter how much you might want it to!) Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the first Pokemon games to be developed with the 3DS in mind. The most important

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – E

Luigi’s Mansion was a surprise hit on the GameCube. It took a long time for the follow-up, but this is a great game for fans of the original game.

Players control Luigi as he searches a haunted mansion and traps ghosts in his special vacuum. Each room is a puzzle where you have to figure out how to get the ghosts to appear so you can capture them. Don’t let the “ghosts” fool you though, this game is spooky like an episode of Scooby Doo.

Super Mario 3D Land – E

I have yet to play a 3D Super Mario game that I didn’t like. Super Mario 3D Land is no exception. I’ll make this one fast… if you and your family like Super Mario Brothers games, then this is a must buy.

Mario Kart 7 – E

Mario Kart games have continuously reinvented the cart racing genre and with Mario Kart 8 on the horizon for the WiiU this is all but required for Nintendo fans. The addition of both underwater zones and a hang glider add new dimensions to the gameplay. This is a great gift if your family loves Mario, but it looking for something different.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 – E

New Super Mario Brothers 2 is another excellent addition to the Super Mario catalog. This time the game is built around of finding coins… lots of coins.

Sonic Lost World – E 10+

Sonic Lost World is a great way to introduce your children to one of the most recognizable game mascots of the past. A lot of his recent games have been terrible, but this entry is an excellent experience filled with all the high speed platforming that was a mainstay of the franchise in it’s early years.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy – E 10+

This may just be personal bias showing, but I can’t help it. This game may not be for every family, but if you and your children have enjoyed any of the Final Fantasy games together, then this is a great way to relive some of those moments. (It doesn’t hurt that it is a bit older and can be yours for less than $20.)

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