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Overall Review:

Real talk: Turtle Tale isn’t going to win any Game of the Year awards. It is a simple experience that is reminiscent of games that thrived in the SNES era. But, it is a worthwhile experience that your children will enjoy in small bites on the go.

My initial reaction to Turtle Tale was mixed. I struggled to get into it for a while. The experience wasn’t grabbing me like I expected it to. But, then I handed it to my 8 year old son and it all made sense. Turtle Tale is the best introduction to platform shooters than you could ever hope to give to a kid. It is inexpensive, simple, and fun.

In Turtle Tale players control a turtle character as he travels across an island collecting fruit. There are enemies trying to stand in his way, but they can be dealt with, inexplicably, by a few blasts from a squirt gun.
The levels themselves follow standard tropes for platforming games: a beach, a forest, a cave (filled with lava), etc. It was all very reminiscent of Adventure Island for the NES (and I mean that in a good way).

One area where Turtle Tale shines in the way it encourages its players to tackle challenges. The checkpoints are frequent and are often located immediately following difficult sections. This provides an immediate reward for completion. My son showed more persistence when attempting to make progress because he knew that all he had to do was get past “a few more jumps” and he wouldn’t have to repeat it again. This made failure less disheartening something that can be a real problem for younger children when playing games.

Family Gaming Assessment:

There is nothing to be concerned about here. The main character is an anthropomorphic turtle with a squirt gun. Monsters disappear with a “pop” sound and a small cloud of smoke when defeated.

Playability Assessment:

Turtle Tale does get challenging towards the end. This is especially true if your child is trying to get all one hundred fruit in each stage. With that said, there are frequent checkpoints and there are no “lives” like in other platforming games so you will never see a “Game Over” screen.

Players can complete the game without having to do any reading at all so early readers will be able to get the full experience.


Turtle Tale is a great idea for parents looking for a small game that they can have downloaded on their child’s 3DS. You can’t argue with the low cost of $2.99 either.

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