2K Games Announces Shaq and the NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Cover Athlete

Shaq Legend

2K Games has announced that Shaq is the Legend edition cover athlete for their upcoming NBA basketball sim NBA 2K18. Shaq was one of the most dominant forces in NBA during his long career and he really never went away after he retired. He sits on the panel for TNT’s Inside the NBA program and will likely be a fixture in and around the NBA for the rest of his days.

Big Aristotle (as some call him) is not gracing the cover of NBA2k18 after an 11 year absence. This time, though, he is limited to the special editions. The cover athlete for the main game will be announced as a later date (likely after the NBA Finals are complete).

The special editions will allow players to get into the action on September 15th of this year. The standard version of NBA 2K18 comes to Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 19.

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One Response to “2K Games Announces Shaq and the NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Cover Athlete”

  1. Jacob Chodoriwsky
    May 17, 2017 at 2:46 pm #

    Back in the day so many friends were Shaq haters.

    But really he is quite skilled and it was cool to see him branch out to things like Shaq Fu on Sega Genesis. And as a guy who had to play everything from point guard to center, I can appreciate the struggle of having to guard people both taller and much heavier than you at times!

    Anyway I’ve been a fan of NBA2K since the first on Dreamcast and happy to see Shaq grace the cover. Well deserved!

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