Kingdom Hearts 3 Announced as “In Development” during E3

This announcement right here is in contention for being the most exciting announcement to come out of the entire show. (It is really only competing with Mega Man being playable in Smash Brothers.) Square Enix announced during the Sony press briefing that the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 is “in development.”

Kingdom Hearts is a mash-up of intellectual properties that should never have worked. It takes characters from, and inspired by, the Final Fantasy worlds of the past and jams them into a fictional universe that includes Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and just about every other Disney property imaginable. I am a huge fan of both Final Fantasy and Disney and even I was skeptical to begin with. But, despite all of those challenges these games have been massively successful.

The only real problem fans have had has it that we have been waiting for a true sequel since Kingdom Hearts II released back in 2006. There have been any number of games released on handheld titles in the meantime, and they have all been great, but fans of the series have been wondering when Square Enix would pull the trigger.

We have almost no details aside from knowing that it will release on both PS4 and Xbox one and very nice looking trailer where the protagonist Sora runs around a cityscape while preparing to fight some heartless. Take a look at the trailer from the Kingdom Hearts 3 website and see what I mean.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted as more details emerge.

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