Minecraft Demo Using Microsoft Hololens!

Minecraft Demo Using Microsoft Hololens!

Microsoft showed off a demo for a new version of Minecraft designed for use with the Microsoft Hololense device during their 2015 E3 press event.

I am not certain how it works, but I spent the vast majority of the demo in slack jawed awe of the technology. It is a demonstration of an insane future that I wasn’t sure would ever happen.

The Hololense is a set of glasses that will let the user see projected images in the environment around them. The original technical demo involved the idea of being able to place a monitor on a wall. This allowed for a lots of neat viewing angles and some interesting communication options, but it didn’t really show us the gaming potential until E3.

The Minecraft demo shows an entire world being available for play using hand controls Tony Stark style on a coffee table. It was insane watching the world fly across the table while a god-like being, essentially, moved it around and called down lightning strikes!

We live in a very interesting future my friends. I can’t even imagine where it is going to go next!

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