Super Lucky’s Tale Announced at Microsoft’s Media Briefing

Super Lucky's Tale

Super Lucky’s Tale, a former Oculus exclusive is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 November 7, 2017.  The trailer for E3 kicks off with a super cute fox bounding around the screen with butterflies and also digging tunnels to travel.  Then a giant flower enters and chomps it jaws.  Before it can do much else the fox swipes it off screen with his tail.  A giant book emerges next and the fox invites you to enter the world through the book.The major news point presented for this game is that it is Xbox One enhanced and can be played in 4K Ultra HD.  Additionally, it is coming to store on Windows 10 and Xbox One, and it is an Xbox Play Anywhere title.  This means buying it on one system permits accessed on the other.

This platformer is aesthetically reminiscent of Skylanders with the whimsical setting and and the cartoon style bad guys.  The world appeared to include a series of floating island that containing bridges and multiple level to jump up to and explore.  Additionally, there were interior areas show with a range of different visual. Some of these included gears and a more mechanical look,  a setting that included what looks like cut watermelon halves, as well as night time scenes.

This looks like a very friendly game visually for younger gamers. In the gameplay shown there were a wide range of NPC characters which included; a tear shaped flame monster, and garlic creature exhausting odor, a giant stone creature with mechanical elements, ghost looking creatures, jack o’lantern pumpkin heads with skeleton bodies, and stone creatures with their pieces bouncing independently as they moved.  None of the creatures appeared overly scary or intimidating.

The trailer concludes with the fox back outside the large book from the opening with a variety of characters show in the game play of the trailer.  The ground then shakes and the camera shoots up into the cloud where the most ominous looking creature see so far is presented.  Presumable this is the major antagonist of the game.  The trailer ends with the fox swiping his tail in the direction of this new character and covering the screen with his tail.

This adorable game looks perfect for families, and has the potential to be a great addition to a family’s game collection when released November 7th.

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