ReCore has a New Trailer And a Release Date!

ReCore has a New Trailer And a Release Date!

ReCore, an action adventure game from Keiji Inafune and Armiture Studios has a new gameplay trailer and a release date!

ReCore was announced during last year’s Microsoft E3 press briefing. It looked cool, but the information they released last year left out a LOT of details. Fortunately, the mystery was cleared up thanks to new information.

ReCore features the adventurer Joule as she explores a desolate and robot filled landscape with her team of CoreBots. The trailer showed more members of her team than were named, but we were given some information for three of her companions.

Mack – The Explorer: This is a doglike robot that is shown sniffing the ground  as though he can search for things. Perhaps he’ll be able to search for hidden items or secrets in the various environments? The trailer also shows a pretty cool charge dash attach that looks like it can even hit multiple enemies.

Seth – The Escape Artist: Seth is a four legged walker type CoreBot. He appears to be able to grab on to some surfaces like a magnet and glide along them. This will help with navigation and traversal. He also has a gun in his head which gives him a useful ranged attack.

Duncan – The Heavy Hitter: Duncan is a gorilla type CoreBot. He’s massive. He moves slowly, but heaven help you if you get in his range. He also appears to have some sort of fire based area of effect attack that he activates by slamming on the ground.

Joule isn’t helpless though. She has an arsenal of guns at her disposal and  is also very agile. Having a pair of rocket boots isn’t exactly working against her either.

We don’t know much more that this, but we DO know that the game will launch exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on September 13, 2016.



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