Ubisoft Announces Child of Light!

By: Stephen Duetzmann, editor in chief

Ubisoft made a ton of announcements today! The most exciting of those announcements is the upcoming release Child of Light.

Child of Light, by the same team that brought us Far Cry 3, is a hand drawn, side-scrolling adventure game that pays homage to classic role playing games (RPGs). The team is leveraging the “UbiArt” platform that allows level designers to animate hand drawn art. This is the same platform that was used to develop Rayman Origins.

The details of the game itself are limited, but, as you can see from the trailer above, it is absolutely stunning visually. This has instantly become one of my most anticipated games of next year.

One detail that Ubisoft was proud to show off about the game is of particular interest to our readers. According to an interview that they did with Polygon, Child of Light is being designed from the ground up to be played with a child. (How exciting is that?)

If you watch the trailer you will see a little green sphere floating around the screen. That is a pixie creature named Nicholas who follows the sword wielding heroine on a journey. A second player can control him using a controller and can interact with the environment or with enemies when in battle. If the child doesn’t want to help, or can’t, then they can simply spend their time moving the little green ball across the screen.

The designers have also done what they can to remove as many words from the menu system as possible on order to allow children to understand what is going on by recognizing symbols.

The potential for this to be a family gaming masterpiece is definitely there. Take a look at the trailer and sound off in the comments. Does this look as cool to you as it does to us?

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