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Today, we talked about Blizzcon 2016 with our infinite co-host Mike Duetzmann and Dan Beshers.


Overwatch E sports League

New Arcade mode(s)

Character Reveal: Sombra

Things that Sombra can/can’t hack


Mean Streets of Gagetzhan to be released in early December

World of Warcraft:

Tomb of Sargeras 7.2 Patch announced

Heroes of the Storm:

Varian/Ragnaros Announced as New Characters. Blackheart’s Revenge announced as New Map

Other Blizzcon 2016 news:

Starcraft News
Diablo 3 Round up

You can find any of the games that we talk about here on amazon.com. Please use our links so that your purchases support our staff:




Diablo 3


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Finally, please subscribe to our youtube channel. Follow us on facebook and support us on Patreon, and as always thanks for listening to Engaged: A Family Gaming Podcast.

And Remember: Get Your Family Game On!

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Episode air date: Feb 15, 2016


Stephen just recorded first episode of Gaming with the Moms with the Pixelkin Staff,

Stephen announced he will be attending New York Toy Fair. (The event happened on the weekend of February 13th and 14th. You can see all of the great games and toys he saw on our Instagram feed.)


We discussed the new ColecoVision console that is coming out.

Around the Horn

Jenna – Unravel

Stephen – Avengers Academy

Stacey- She discussed Hidden Picture Games!


The Right Way to Play

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This week we started with some Housekeeping.

  1. We continued to encourage people to join our Facebook Community at www.engagedfamilygaming.com/community.
  2. Stephen (The BFG of EFG) will be a permanent member of the Gaming with the Moms Podcast.

Next came Around The Horn.

Ticket to Ride: Europe

12 Days

Pandemic Legacy

Topic #1

Stephen is heading to New York Toy Fair and Play Fair 2016 on the 13th and 14th of this month. Make sure to check Instagram and Twitter for his live updates!

He’s got appointments with Calliope Games, Gamewright, Bananagrams and several other great companies! He’ll also be walking the floor and you’ll never know what he’lll see!

Topic #2

Educational games that are super fun to play! This was all based on an article from our friends over at Geek and Sundry!

The games they listed (and we discussed) were:

Robot Turtles – Think Fun

Rat a Tat Cat – Gamewright

Outfoxed – Gamewright

Roll For It – Calliope Games

Dragonwood – Gamewright

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Episode 23 Video Games: Playmation and the Future of the Toys-to-Life Genre!

This week Stephen (The BFG of EFG) is joined by his lovely wife Jenna as they welcome Stacey back to the podcast after a few weeks off at the end of last year.

We played topic clean up this week: PlayMation, 2016 Predictions, and the future of the toys-to-life Genre!


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Episode 22 Board Games: Asmodee North America’s Formation

This week Stephen (The BFG of EFG) and Ben (The Professor) ring in the new year talking about the formation of Asmodee North America and its potential impact on how, and where, families buy their board games!

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Alright everyone. We’ve been talking about our podcast for a while now! We’ve been recording episodes and getting our flow down since June and we are finally ready to go live!

Click here to download Episode 0 where I talk about how the podcast will be formatted. They make sure to check out iTunes on Monday 10/12/2015 for five (YES 5!) episodes of the podcast featuring myself and our board game crew!



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