A Parent’s Guide to EA Access


It seems like everyone is starting their own premium gaming service these days. It can be tough for parents to be able to tell the difference between Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, and all the others. We can’t let that stand here at EFG so we wrote up a big ol’ guide for all of the premium services so our readers can tell them all apart and understand the costs and benefits of each one.

Take a look below for our guide to EA Access!

The Pitch

EA Access is an Xbox One exclusive subscription service run by Electronic Arts that gives subscribers early access to EA games, discounts on digital purchases, and access to the “EA Vault.”

How Does it Work?

Subscribers gain three benefits from their EA Access membership.

  • Early Access to EA games – This usually amounts to a 3-4 day early access period where you can play the game for free prior to its launch date. Your game progress carries over to the full version if you choose to purchase the game after it comes out.
  • Discounts – Subscribers get a 10% discount (at least) on the digital purchase of EA games. Games purchases using the discount remain yours without restriction after your subscription lapses.
  • EA Vault – Subscribers get access to the EA Vault. This is a list of older EA titles that is regularly updated. Most EA titles end up on the services 6-9 months after release. As of right now EA has stated that they don’t intend to remove older games from the Vault, but the terms of service do indicate that they reserve the right to do so.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can pay for your EA Access subscription monthly for $4.99 or Annually for $29.99.

EA Access vs Origins Access

A lot of people get confused by these two services considering they have similar names and are both operated by Electronic Arts.

Origins Access is a PC gaming service. All of the benefits are for PC games only.

On the other hand, EA Access is a console service. In fact, it is limited to the Xbox One. All the benefits of THAT service are limited to subscribers on that console.


EA Access is a great value for Xbox One owners who play a lot of EA games every year. Hardcore Madden or FIFA fans might think the extra 3-4 days of early access to their favorite game might be worth the price of admission all by itself.

It isn’t a streaming service though. This means that any games that you choose to download will need to be downloaded in full to your Xbox One hard drive. If you are planning to make full use of the service it may be a good idea to purchase an external hard drive.

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