Let’s Talk About Anthem for a Hot Minute


By: Drew Habersang

For those of you living under rocks, Anthem is Bioware’s spectacular looking open world online shooter. It’s basically Destiny with armor that serves a purpose and freakin’ JETPACKS!!!

Can we talk about how much Anthem looks like Destiny but is totally-not-at-all like Destiny?

First, the similarities: Anthem appears to be mechanically and structurally similar to the Destiny
Games including much of what was revealed about late game progression requirement co-op to complete endgame challenges like raids (Anthem calls them “Strongholds”). More to the point, Anthem looks like Destiny. I mean… just LOOK at it. The aesthetic similarities are undeniable.

But, a slightly closer look at the game reveals very many several and big and extremely exciting differences.


Friggin Jet Packs, gang!

The gameplay reveal trailer focused a great deal on that sweet sweet jet pack action, demonstrating the flight capabilities and apparently fluid controls as players careened through the skies of Anthem’s massive open world, cartwheeling past towering trees and gargantuan menacing monsters and even diving into cavernous lakes and exploring their depths. I am, by far, most excited about the jetpack action. Because c’mon – jetpacks! To quote our fearless leader, Stephen Duetzmann, “Everyone is Iron Man.”

The Social Space is anything but social

In Destiny and Destiny 2, players can go to any of several social hubs with up to 24 other players to get missions, upgrade gear, and retrieve rewards. Anthem’s hub “Fort Tarsis” is not a multiplayer lobby but instead offers a single player hub full of NPCs. And, as with previous BioWare titles, decisions players make will alter the space and, by extension, the game.

Armor Matters

Unlike Destiny 2 where armor is largely cosmetic, in Anthem, armor is EVERYTHING. Players suit up in one of four giant mech suits (woot!) with a wide range of abilities. And, as is the case with Tony Stark, the “Iron Man” style suits constitute the sum total of the players’ physical powers.


You read that right. In an AMAAA (ask me almost anything) on Twitter, BioWare’s Mark Darrak stated unequivocally “No PVP. This decision allows us to have a much wider array of weapons and gear and make the loot chase more interesting.” No doubt, fans of PVP are disappointed by this revelation. PVE is my jam so I am completely unbothered by it.

(Potentially) Cross-platform Saves

While Darrah made it perfectly clear that BioWare has no plans to implement cross-platform play, he was a little vaguer when it came to cross-platform saves. Note: Darrah did NOT confirm cross-saves. What he DID say was, “I am looking into cross-platform saves as we speak”. So, despite the high probability that cross-platform saves are impossible, cross-platform saves confirmed but not confirmed but totally (potentially) confirmed, you guys.

We have several months until we’re able to get our hot little hands on Anthem, but I’m glad that BioWare is being so forthcoming with information about the game.

Anthem releases on February 22, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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