iOS Games: Fun Distractions With Educational Value

What’s not to love about iOS games? They’re often incredibly cheap, they provide the best distractions for our kids while waiting during ‘boring grown up errands’, and they’re sometimes great learning tools. Oh, and they’re often highly addicting for us parents as well as our children (Candy Crush Saga, anyone?)!

There are thousands of games available for kids of all ages. So, how do you choose which ones to spend your iTunes credit on? There are many key factors to consider when picking the best iOS games. You can look at your child’s favorite cartoon characters and choose games that star those characters. You can decide what learning goal you want your child to achieve and choose a game that meets that goal. You can choose a style of game that your child enjoys such as puzzle games, word games, or village building games.

Here at EFG, we will feature some of our tried and tested favorites each week.

This week’s game is a favorite educational app in our household. It is geared towards children from ages 2 to 4. It’s available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. (We’ve been told it’s available on Android as well, for a slightly higher price). It’s been number one in the App Store for a while, and with good reason.

Welcome to Monkey Preschool Lunchbox!

 Monkey Preschool Lunchbox features a super cute animated monkey that guides you through 7 learning mini games. Children love the little monkey, and you will too, until 45 minutes into his chattering. But, then you will remember that you just had 45 minutes of relative peacefulness from your own little monkey.

Anyways, back to the game itself. It comes with 7 different games that teach kids about colors, letters, counting, shapes, differences, matching and puzzles. It also has many sound and voice recordings of colors, letters, fruit names, and more. Kids get a sticker reward after every other game they win. It’s extremely simple to navigate and the games are not too challenging. While you might find it extremely repetitive, your children love the reinforcement. The biggest complaint in this household came into play when my 3 yr. old decided he loved the ‘uh unh’ sound the monkey makes when you get the wrong answer. He thought it was hysterical, so he chose the wrong answer on purpose. Hopefully your child won’t be that contrary. Even if he/she is, the game is well worth the $0.99.  



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