Mobile Review – Clumsy Ninja

Mobile Review - Clumsy Ninja

Developer: NaturalMotion

Available for iOS and Android

Overall Review

Clumsy Ninja is a mobile game that comes out of the shadows and will surely find its way into your heart. This story is about a ninja whose friend was kidnapped by a very dangerous villain.  The problem is our hero is pretty much the worst ninja ever and he needs a lot of training to become a master so that he can rescue his friend.

In this game, ninja training consists of assorted playground activities like jumping on trampolines, hitting punching bags, and dodging balls. Over time as you master equipment and learn cool tricks you can purchase better equipment and slowly get your little ninja closer to his goal. Clumsy Ninja guides the player with lots of quests so there is always something to keep you busy. The art style is bright and colorful and when you add the music it feels like you are in an animated martial arts movie.

Kids will love being able to drag the little guy around the screen and knock him over. His animations are hysterical!

Family Gaming Assessment

There is no real violence in this game as the ninja never battles any other ninjas. He just gets knocked around in a lot of cartoony ways.

The game itself is free and you don’t have to spend any money to download or to play.

Playability Assessment

As far as game play goes Clumsy Ninja is just a satisfying experience, there is just something soothing about making the little ninja jump on a trampoline or bouncing him off of said trampoline. Even if your kid isn’t into the grind of completing missions they may just enjoy interacting with the ninja and making him act silly for a while.

It is worth noting though that little ones who aren’t strong readers may be upset they cannot follow what is going on with the quests.


Clumsy Ninja is a delightful experience, it’s a complete package of game play and atmosphere that is free to play and kid friendly.

The game does put up ads when you access the menu for in game extras, but you don’t have make purchases to enjoy the game.

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