Pixel People Review

Pixel People Review


By: Charlotte Heldebrecht

Developer: LambdaMu Games

Publisher: Chillingo

Rated: 10+

Release Date: 31 January 2013, for all iOS Devices.

Reviewed on: iPhone


Overall Review:

Pixel People is an adventure simulation game not unlike SimCity. The object of this game is to create a personal Utopia in space from the ruins of Earth. You start off with a small area to build upon with a cloning machine with which to rebuild the population. The main fun in this game is derived from combining different clones in order to discover different occupations. Occupations types often come with a new building for clones to work in, and thus build your Utopia in the sky!

You can build roadways, homes, and even decorations like fountains. Each building needs certain types of workers, and as you fill up the spaces from your splicing discoveries, you earn more money to upgrade everything!

The artwork for this game is colorful and distinct pixel art style that is very charming. The soundtrack has a monotonous elevator-music style to it, but the cute sound effects. The interface is relatively easy to use, you just need to make sure that you follow the tips provided by the game.


Family Gaming Assessment:

There are no themes in this game to cause any alarm to parents. Dialogue is restricted to tutorials and witty anecdotes in the news ticker on the bottom of the screen. Pixel People is very family friendly.


Playability Assessment:

I would say that any child that understands cause and effect will be able to enjoy this game. For example, in order to create Physicist, you have to cross a Scientist with a Mathematician.

There is more than a little educational value here as well. The logic puzzle of what clones to combine is a great mental exercise. It might even expand their knowledge of how different careers work, and what possibilities they have in the future!

The controls are easy to use and should be simple for any child familiar with touch screen devices


I believe that this game is a great tool to help your child to work on their problem solving and on their logic.

The only real downside is that is the game can very addictive. Your Utopia earns money even when you’re not playing it, so it can be difficult to manage the temptation to overplay. Also, as with most free games, there are in app purchases that you need to be aware of. But, none of these are reasons to avoid the game completely.

Happy Splicing!

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