The Guardian of Imagination Review

The Guardian of Imagination Review

Review by Charlotte Heldebrecht, staff writer

Developed by: Play Creatividad

Rated for: All ages.

Released: July 18, 2013

Version Reviewed: iPhone (Also available on iPad)

Overall Review:

The Guardian of Imagination is a colorful and enchanting app that encourages children to read and find hidden objects. You begin the game by getting a key to the first box. Once you open it you can begin reading the first story and go through each page. The object is to find different objects and mini-games that you can unlock. Once you’ve found the key to the next box, you’re able to start the next phase and read the next story and the pattern continues. The illustrations and sounds are darling and are sure to keep your child engaged.

There is a free version available, but it only lets you play through the first few stories before it requires that you purchase the full version. The full version is a good value though, because it will give you a lot more stories and games for your child to play.

I personally enjoyed this game and would definitely use it as a reading activity for my stepson.

Family Gaming Assessment:

This game is 100% child friendly, and will be a great addition to your child’s game library. The vocabulary my be slightly advanced for younger readers, but the fun offered will encourage them to learn and expand their language.

Playability Assessment:

I believe this game will be easily accessible to children, with only simple guidance that they need to find all the objects in the game in order to advance.


This a fun, educational and imaginative activity app. Great for getting your child to read and enjoy it! I would recommend trying out the free version, and if your child loves it, then buying it for the $3.99 would be worth it. Or you could just unlock the boxes $0.99 at a time. It’s cheaper than a children’s book, and has 11 stories!

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