A New Hearthstone Expansion Has Been Announced: The Witchwood!


Blizzard announced a new expansion for its hit digital card game, Hearthstone, today. The Witchwood will launch in April and will include dozens of new cards and new single player monster hunts!


All About Being Scary


Whispers of the Old Gods focused on creatures from beyond reality. Knights of the Frozen Throne heavily referenced the corrupting influence of the Lich King and the creatures of Northrend. The Witchwood is a horror and mystery themed set that revolves around haunting spirits and shapeshifting Worgren (werewolves).


Shapeshifting cards swap qualities while they are in your hand. The initial preview card simply swaps attack and health, but other designs are very possible. I would expect to see at least one legendary that does something SUPER whacky.



Echo is a keyword that allows a spell or creature to be cast multiple times during the same turn that that it is cast. This type of mechanic has been used in other card games before and Blizzard has printed a card already that was close enough. Unstable Mutation is a card that cost one mana and could be repeated. It feels like it was a test to see how it worked. The preview card is a mediocre taunt creature, but I am certain that echo cards are going to have a significant effect on the decks people build once The Witchwood releases.


Rush is a keyboard that is very similar to Charge. Creatures with Rush can attack the turn they come into play, but they can only attack other creatures. That is a subtle difference, but it is once that will likely result in some very aggressively costed creatures.

New Legends

The preview cards for the Witchwood include two legendary Worgren that will fundamentally change the game once the set is released. They both allow players to start the game with an enchanted hero power if they are included in a deck with only odd or even costed cards. These cards are incredibly powerful and will create entire new deck archetypes for players to use.

Pre-orders are live!

You can pre-purchase cards for the expansion starting today. $49.99 will net you a total of seventy packs of cards.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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