The Adventures of Captain Spirit is Slowly Winning Me Over


By: Drew Habersang

If your tastes are anything similar to mine, you sort of cringed watching the announcement trailer for “The Adventures of Captain Spirit”; a new companion game to Dontnod’s Life is Strange. While I’ll concede that I kind of loved the premise of a kid playing make-believe with dramatic cinematic overlays of spaceships and fireballs and so forth, I was unconvinced that there was much of a story there. At least, I was certain that anything I or anyone else could conjure in our minds would easily outperform a game essentially trying to emulate the same thing.

(I know that isn’t the ‘point’ of this or any game but follow me…)

Today, I rewatched the exact same trailer. And, while I wasn’t completely won over, there were a few elements I hadn’t noticed on the initial viewing that led me to believe I had underestimated the game. Yes, the awkwardly proportioned protagonist looks a little old to be playing pretend in a cape, but there was something so downright charming about peering in on the awkward machinations of a lonely nerdy kid and being invited to see his play as he imagines it.

I’m not yet sold that a compelling story can be derived from this premise, but I am very slowly be charmed into believing that such a thing might not be as important as I first believed.

The Adventures of Captain Spirit launches on June 26 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC for the perfectly reasonable price of $0. With literally no barrier to entry, I cannot imagine I won’t at least take it for a spin. I imagine it might be worth it.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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