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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in my opinion, is the best video game that Nintendo has ever made. I also think that it is on the short list for one of the best games ever made. Longtime readers often accuse me of speaking in hyperbole a lot, but this is no joke. Breath of the Wild is just that darn good. This is the game by which all open world games will be judged moving forward.

The Legend of Zelda is one of the longest running franchises in game history. Each game in the franchise, up until now, has taken a very regimented formula and built upon it. . Link wakes up. He goes to a dungeon. He gets a tool within that dungeon that helps him complete it. He then uses that tool to get to the next dungeon. He finds another tool there. He rinses and repeats until he eventually encounters and defeats some version of Ganon.

Breath of the Wild is a game that was built on one single core principle: nothing is set in stone. Nintendo set out with the purpose of stripping away as many parts of that regimented formula as they could while still maintaining its “Zelda”-ness. I don’t know how they created such a unique game and new feeling game while still regularly reminding players that they are playing a Zelda game. But, they definitely succeeded.

The biggest different between BoTW and other games in the franchise is that (aside from a brief stint on the Great Plateau) players can do as they please. Players are given all of the basic tools they need within the first few hours of the game and are then set free to run off to do… whatever.

This freedom was not only liberating, but it was also a creative force. Everyone playing this game was crafting their own narrative. Players had to come up with whole new ways of discussing their experiences because almost everything you said about the game was a spoiler in one way or another.

Another critical element to the experience in BoTW is its sense of discovery. It feels like every inch of that game was a meaningful encounter, a puzzle, or a signpost sending you on your way to further adventure. There was always something exciting on the horizon for me as I played. In fact, it was easy to find myself distracted that I would set off on a grand mission only to stop halfway through to literally pick flowers.

The days where Link could, on death’s door, slash at some bushes to get a few hearts are gone. Instead, you have to combine ingredients like apples, meat, mushrooms, and other food items to cook healing items. Combining the right ingredients can even result in food that provides stat buffs. You can even combine monster parts to create elixirs. Mastering this system is crucial for anyone who wants to be able to progress through the game. Fortunately, experimentation is almost painless. Ingredients are everywhere and there is a cooking station at every stable.

Nintendo went out of their way to craft Breath of the Wild carefully. Their artistry is visible in every aspect of this game and I cannot wait to see what comes next.

Is it a kids’ game?

Breath of the Wild is rated T for Teen. It does include some mild violence that players can’t really escape. Almost all of the conflict resolution in the game is done at the point of a sword, or club, or arrow.

There are some slightly mature themes and costuming choices running throughout the game, but there is nothing overtly sexual going on.

Can kids play it?

The most important thing to note with Breath of the Wild is that this game is incredibly challenging. The world is not a forgiving one and players will have to contend with armies of monstrous enemies as well as the elements. It is very important that you monitor your child’s frustration level while playing. There is no “easy mode” in this game. Young players can, however, move at their own pace throughout the world. The game is designed so  that players will not be constantly under siege from the enemies.

There is some voice acting, but the vast majority of the story and the quest clues are all delivered via text. Players will need to be adept readers to be able to succeed at this game. A lot of the clues depend on subtle word play that might be lost on early readers.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best video game that Nintendo has ever made. I would comfortably recommend this game to anyone who owns either a Nintendo Switch or Wii U. It is a remarkable value when you consider all of the secrets that players can slowly pry out of this massive world. Do yourself a favor and play this game. The reality is that we don’t score games here at EFG, but if we did I have a hard time imagining that we would give it less than a perfect score.

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Legend of Zelda is a fan favorite for adults and kids alike. In it’s thirty year history it had become an icon in the video game industry.  With its popularity, there are countless bloggers and other resources available to spark the creativity of your child’s ( or your) enthusiasm for all things Zelda.  Finding crafts appropriate for kids can be daunting in the plethora of cosplay ideas.

One source of kid friendly crafts are the range of 8-bit designs.  Many of these were designed to be used with perler beads. The perler beads are a perfect craft for elementary school age children. They are small plastic beads you arranged on a grid base, cover with parchment paper and fuse with an iron once the design in complete.  These same layouts could be used by budding artist to draw on graph paper. A more advanced crafter could embroider these designs in cross stitch, crochet a blanket, make quilting squares or create a full quilt just to name a few.



Link by Urcujiro on Kandi Patterns:





Zelda Perler Bead Pattern:



Perler Bead Legend of Zelda Rupee by CalysDesigns on Etsy:

Health Hearts


Wish | Legend of Zelda Health Life Hearts Necklace Bead Sprite Perler Art:



LoZ Navi perler beads by perling_pearson:


Navi Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite:



Triforce Zelda Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite:

Mixed picture 


Zelda Blanket 8-bit images design.:


For a different kind of kid friendly craft a  Zelda fan who enjoyed Ocarina of Time may want to create their own Navi.  Below are two which appear to be easy and are a creative way to have a young fan create their own Navi.


This first project appear to be an intermediate crafting difficulty, it involves wrapping yarn around a ball and what appear to be pipe cleaners or wire.  There are no directions, the photo is from an etsy.com posting.



Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/172802808/tael-fairy-legend-of-zelda-majoras-mask:


This second project is a homemade pompom Navi. This one has the steps depicted in the pictures.  Again this is not a beginner craft but is more of a hard beginner to an intermediate level, based on the steps involved.  


DIY fairy Navi from the legend of Zelda #DIY #fariy #Navi #Zelda:


Finally, for one final Zelda fan feature is the Sheikeh.  In this link the crafter is using a wooden door hanger and painting it. Based on my crafting experience with kids, I think this project could be made easily with kids using fun foam for all the pieces including the door hanger. That would also omit the painting step, if that simplification is desired. Foam is an easy material to cut and glue with Elmer’s liquid glue or even a high quality glue stick.  

Sheikeh slate door hanger:


Sheikah Slate Door Hanger, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild kids craft:


These are great crafts for kids to create Legend of Zelda themed crafts.  The difficulty can be scaled up or down depending on the skill of the child and the level of support desired by the adult.  These can be fun ways to spend rainy days and create decorations for their rooms or for other Zelda fans.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best games to come out in a very long time. Players have put countless hours into exploring every nook and cranny of the world that Nintendo has crafted. We all knew that two DLC packs were coming, but the information was shrouded in ambiguity. That shroud has officially been lifted, because Nintendo has officially announced the details for the first DLC pack that will be coming out this summer.

I know that some people have expressed concern that the DLC pack would be light on content, but take a look at the list below and see what you think.

Trial of the Sword

By accessing this location, players can challenge the new Trial of the Sword (previously known as “Cave of Trials Challenge”), where enemies appear one after another. Link starts without any armor or weapons, and if he defeats all of the enemies in the room he can proceed to the next area. Trial of the Sword will include around 45 total rooms for players to complete. When Link clears all of the trials, the true power of the Master Sword will awaken and always be in its glowing powered-up state.

The Trial of the Sword is, for all intents and purposes, a horde mode. This is a game mode where players are tasked with battling waves of enemies that grow progressively stronger. Fourty five rooms is a lot so this should be a very significant challenge for players, but a fully empowered Master Sword is a worthy prize.

Hard Mode

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is already considered one of the most thrilling games in The Legend of Zelda series, and fans looking for a challenge are in for a treat with the new Hard Mode. In Hard Mode, the “ranks” of enemies in the game are increased (i.e. Red Bokoblins change to Blue), and players might even encounter higher-ranking enemies they wouldn’t find through normal play. Enemies will also slowly recover health in battle, forcing you to defeat them more quickly. They will also more easily spot Link as he approaches them, making these enemies tougher to sneak up on. In addition, floating planks held aloft by balloons will be scattered around Hyrule. By successfully reaching these planks, players can battle enemies and collect treasure.

Breath of the Wild is already a very challenging game. I was curious what Nintendo meant when they said they were adding a Hard mode from the second it was announced. This sounds like a daunting challenge. This will be the playground for some of the very best players. I know we’ll give it a shot, but I suspect our family won’t get too far.

Hero’s Path Mode

Exploring Hyrule is exciting, but with such a large world it’s sometimes hard for players to remember where they’ve been. To help with tracking progress, the new Hero’s Path Mode will document every step players take, and mark their path in green on the map. The route taken will be tracked for the player’s last 200 hours of play time, with an included slider to track footsteps on a timeline. This even works retroactively, so players that have already put many hours into the game will be able to see where they have traveled. This feature will help in identifying the locations they haven’t visited in this vast world, and may help players find those Shrines they haven’t encountered yet.

This may be the coolest part of this whole expansion. One of my biggest problems towards the end of the game is that I just didn’t know where to go. This will solve that problem. I doubt that anyone will find the exact footsteps all that useful, but I strongly feel that this will help explorers find their way when it comes to hunting down missing temples.

Travel Medallion

There will be a new treasure chest somewhere in the game world which contains the Travel Medallion. With the Travel Medallion, players can create a temporary new travel point on the map where they are currently standing. Link can then transport himself to that point at any time. Only one travel point can be registered on the map at a time.

This is a welcome quality of life change. This gives players the ability to set transportation markers in areas they are exploring without being dependent upon shrines

Korok Mask

By finding the new Korok Mask, players will have a much easier time finding Korok locations in the game. When equipped, the mask will shake, indicating that a Korok is hidden somewhere nearby.

I don’t feel like the game was designed with the intention that players should get all of the Korok seeds. There are just too darn many of them. However, It looks like Nintendo has listened to their fans and created a tool to help complete the impossible.

New Equipment

Eight new pieces of equipment inspired by previous characters and games in the series will be added to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild after downloading the first DLC pack. Once discovered by the player, they will yield equipment themed after fan-favorite games and characters such as Midna, Tingle, Phantom and Majora’s Mask.


One of my favorite parts of Breath of the Wild was the variety in the equipment I could collect. This just adds to that experience. We don’t know what this gear does yet, but I am sure they will be interesting.


What do you think? Is this enough content for a DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Will you and your family be picking it up? Sound odd in the comments and let us know!

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild.

It isn’t very often that four one-syllable words can send the entirety of the video game universe into a frenzy. But, then, it isn’t very often that Nintendo finally releases the subtitle for a new entry in arguably the most revered franchise in gaming.

Yesterday was one of those days. Nintendo held a Treehouse Live @ E3 event where they announced the subtitle AND showed off around 90 minutes of gameplay. This promptly set the internet ablaze with excitement. They were very careful throughout the process to avoid revealing story spoilers so it is still unclear what the subtitle is referencing, but I have a feeling it is a reference to the open world nature of the game in some way.

The gameplay they showed off was amazing. It appears that the goal through the development process was to take every core assumption about how a Zelda game should work and turn it on its head.

First and foremost, Breath of the Wild is an open world game. From the time Link is woken up and he leaves the cave he was in the entire world opens up to him. You could take him down the hill to the right and meet a familiar old man, or you could go left and climb a mountain. You can truly go anywhere and tackle challenges (including the 100+ challenge shrines) in any order.

Breath of the Wild also features a significant theme: verticality. Link has always been able to climb certain surfaces in 3D Zelda games. But Breath of the Wild gives him the freedom to climb just about any surface he can find. This opens up all manner of options for navigating the terrain even if your options are “Do I climb that wall?” or “Do I take the path and go around?” This is different because, historically, Zelda games were fairly linear. There was a right and a wrong way to navigate the world. Giving Link the ability to climb like a contestant on American Ninja Warrior changes all that. The only real limiting factor on your ability to climb is a stamina bar; Link will fall when it empties completely.

Another massive difference (and possibly the biggest difference) between Breath of the Wild and other games in the series is the way it handles equipment. This game plays like an RPG. You will find armor, shields, and various weapons in treasure chests and in the hands of enemies. These pieces of gear will have stats that will allow you to take less damage or deal more. The key here is that each piece of gear can only be used a certain number of times before it breaks. So you’ll need to carry plenty of backups and save your most powerful weapons for real challenges. Even better? There are multiple weapons that all fight very differently. The spear is fast and has a reasonable amount of range, while the axe is much slower but more deadly.

Link can also jump when you press a button. Go ahead and wrap your mind around that. There as never been a jump button in a Zelda game before. This provides a number of interesting opportunities for challenges within the different dungeons and shrines that never existed before when jumping was automatic. We all know Nintendo knows how to do platforming.

I cant believe I’ve made it this far without talking about the aesthetic. Breath of the Wild is astonishingly gorgeous. It looks like a perfect melding of the bright colors of Windwaker and the animation from Skyward Sword. I couldn’t get enough of it. I watched the entire live stream and was hungry for more when it was finished.

At the end of it all, the one thing they left out was a release date. We know it is coming next year, but we have no real details regarding specifically when. Yet. Keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for more updates as we get closer to the end of the year.






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Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: 03/04/2016

ESRB Rating: T for Teen

Reviewed on Wii U


I have a confession to make. I ran out and bought a Wii and Twilight Princess as     quickly as I could back when the game first came out. I played for about six to seven hours and enjoyed myself (or thought I did at least). But, one day I turned the game off and never turned it back on. There was just something frustrating about the game that I couldn’t put my finger on.

When I heard that Twilight Princess was coming to the Wii U in HD I knew, as a Zelda fan, that I had to give it another shot. And boy… am I glad that I did that. The new version of the game shined a bright spotlight on my previous play through and helped me discover the exact reason I struggled: The waggle controls.

The original version of the game made use of the Wii’s motion controls, but it only worked in a haphazard way. The designers essentially mapped different shakes and thrusts to different buttons. It was a far cry from the sword play I was hoping for.

The HD remake, on the other hand, utilizes the controls that were present on the GameCube version of the game and the experience is glorious. I was immediately more comfortable with playing the game and was able to progress well past my previous quitting point in a matter of hours.

Even better? The simple textures really pop with the new resolution. My kids hardly noticed that the game was almost a decade old. They were genuinely stunned when I told them about it.

Anyone who had reservations about their previous experiences owes it to themselves to give this game another try.

This is a classic Zelda adventure that serves as a great entry point to the series for fans who have never played a game in the series. My two sons are nine and seven and thoroughly enjoyed learning about some of the core themes in Zelda games like temple design and the relationship between Link, Zelda, and Ganon. My oldest has put in a lot of time with Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask so he found it especially interesting to see all of the different threads that connect the different games in the series.

Family Gaming Assessment

Twilight Princess HD is rated T by the ESRB. The ratings summary is as follows:

“This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of Link, a young hero who must save a fantasy kingdom by defeating an evil villain. From a third-person perspective, players explore caves/dungeons, solve puzzles, and use swords, arrows, bombs, and magic to defeat enemy creatures (e.g., skeletons, spiders, dragons, plant creatures). Some sequences allow players to use ranged weapons/abilities from a first-person perspective; one section allows players to engage in a one-on-one sword-fight with a boss character. Cutscenes occasionally depict characters impaled by swords or shot with arrows; one boss creature emits small puffs of purple fluid when stabbed.”

The main issue that parents will need to deal with here is the violence. The vast majority of the conflict resolution in this game is managed at the point of a sword, bomb, or bow and arrow. There are some darker themes as play here, but many of them are abstracted enough through the gameplay that they aren’t really of serious concern.


Playability Assessment

The Legend of Zelda series has never been “easy.” They are complex games with mind bending temples full of puzzles. Frankly, even the boss fights are mini puzzles. Twilight Princess HD doesn’t change any part of that formula.

One glaring concern for many is that there is no spoken dialogue during the game at all. Everything is done using text. While this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for many families as most early readers won’t have the controller skills to play the game anyway, but it does make playing with a shoulder surfer a bit more challenging as you will have to read all of the text like a storybook. (Bonus points though if you make up a cool voice for Midna!)


Zelda fans probably don’t need to hear this, but this is a very good purchase. The game holds up remarkably well (and is much better if you only ever played the Wii version).

We feel comfortable recommending this one to anyone looking for an adventure on their Wii U.

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Nintendo did NOT Bring The Legend of Zelda for Wii U to E3 as they had promised. They did, however bring a pair of 3DS Legend of Zelda games to help hold us over until we get more information: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes and Hyrule Warriors Legends.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a new game based on the graphics and character models in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. The lead designer said that when he play A Link Between Worlds he felt that the game did a good job of expressing height and depth. As a result he envisioned a game where players could create towers of characters help solve puzzles in three dimensions. The obvious problem here being that most Legend of Zelda games are single player. So where would you get these characters to make these towers from?

The solution was to lean on mechanics from a well loved, but often ignored, game called The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. This was a groundbreaking game because it was the first in the series to include multiplayer!

And so, the newest title includes up to three player online multiplayer for the first time on 3DS. Each character will take on the roll of a different citizen who each claims to be the legendary hero destined to save the world. Who will be the real hero? No idea, but I’m sure the story will help us figure that out. Don’t worry if you, or your child, don’t like playing with other people. The game will provide you with a pair of doll like characters to play through the game with and alternate between.

One of the more interesting mechanics in the game involves changing Link’s clothes. He has always had different outfits to handle different challenges. But, they has generally been color swaps. The red suit helps in the volcano, the blue suit lets him breathe underwater, etc. These look like full on outfit changes a ‘la Mario Brothers that each give different powers.

I have to admit that I was underwhelmed at first, but as I watched more game play I got more and more excited about the idea of playing a Zelda game WITH my kids as opposed to in front of them.

What do you think? Sounds off in the comments!

Click here to see all of our E3 2015 coverage!


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The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Netflix and Nintendo are in talks to develop a live-action series based on The Legend of Zelda. Nothing has been formally announced yet, but the report indicates that it is intended to be a family friendly answer to fantasy epics like Game of Thrones on HBO and the upcoming Shannara series on MTV.

This caught me completely off guard because Nintendo has been very gun shy with allowing their characters to be used in movies and TV shows since the debacle that was the Super Mario Bros. movie many years ago.

This project is equally as likely to be amazing then it is awful.

On the one hand, Legend of Zelda is a franchise that is built around character tropes. There isnʼt any real “plot” to speak of to create drama. The writers would have to invent some action in order to keep viewers coming back. There is only so much you can do with “elf boy explores X number of dungeons on his way to defeating the evil guy and rescue princess.”

Another significant challenge that the writers would face is that Link is a silent protagonist. He has never spoken in any of his games. This would be a significant challenge for any writer. These types of epics all but require their characters to speak in order to help drive the plot.

No matter who plays him, how he sounds, or what he says fans will rage over it. This is particularly challenging because Nintendo fans are particularly rabid. They will not tolerate percieved missteps with their favorite Nintendo characters. The shows producers will need to tread very carefully here.

With all of those challenges aside though, a Legend of Zelda television does have the possibility to be amazing. It would fit neatly in virtually any genre or world since it only requires of the involvement of the three characters and the mythology of the Tri-Force. It could just as easily fit into a post-apocalyptic setting than a sword and sorcery fantasy one. This leaves a lot of potential because the show runners could derive a lot of the necessary tension from the setting as opposed to the quest itself.

I can say one thing though: Iʼm watching this show like crazy no matter what (assuming it happens). What about you? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think?

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ESRB – E for everyone
Reviewed on 3DS

Overall Review:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was released on the SNES and is regarded by many as one of the best games in the franchise. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (LBW) is a 3DS sequel that is so similar to the original that it almost feels like putting on a good pair of running shoes. Link even swings his sword with the same sweeping arc. This game just “feels” good.

LBW isn’t just a great source of nostalgia though, it is just short of a work of art. The animation is beautiful despite its simplicity and the score is top notch. I have a tendency to play a lot of 3DS games with the sound turned all the way down. That is simply not an option here. The orchestral soundtrack is one to be enjoyed and stands up to some of the best soundtracks I have ever heard. Trust me parents when I say that you will NOT grow tired of this music as you might think you will. It is just that good.

I may be a sucker for bringing my favorite games into the modern era, but Nintendo made a number of adjustments to LBW to help make it more accessible to a newer audience. They accomplished this by removing most of the rigidity found in other Zelda titles, abandoning  the standard dungeon formula that players had grown used to over the last few decades. Instead, players are allowed to tackle dungeons in virtually any order that they choose. This is aided by the ability to rent all of the different items and weapons early on. It results in a brilliant change that encourages experimentation and exploration early on in the experience

Family Gaming Assessment:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is a sword and sorcery themed adventure along the lines of the Lord of The Rings. As such, players take on the role of Link, a young hero, and use a sword, bow and arrow, bombs, and other weapons to defeat fantasy creatures that range from skeletons to sentient slimes.

The conflict in this game is resolves almost purely through combat. But, despite all of that, there is very little to be concerned about. Link’s enemies are very rarely human and they all vanish in puffs of smoke when defeated.

The art style of the game sports a playful and childish aesthetic that helps drive home how harmless the combat is in this title.

Playability Assessment:

This is a very challenging game. Players are asked to explore a large open map to locate dungeons that are essentially puzzle-filled mazes. Link is provided with multiple weapons that double as tools to help solve the various puzzles he encounters. The true challenge comes from balancing all of these tools to solve puzzles while monsters are hunting you down!

There are multiple sources of information available to help solve the various puzzles within the game so they shouldn’t be a deal breaker on their own. But, if your child is easily frustrated or dislikes puzzles and puzzle game play, then this is a hard game to recommend.


This is a must own for just about any 3DS owner.


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Stephen went to PAX East and he talks about the coolest games he saw at the show. Mass Effect Andromeda doesn’t come out until March 21, but if you have EA Access you can play it right now. And speaking of Mass Effect some cool Mass Effect gear is coming to Rock Band 4. The Legend of Zelda Symphony has announced dates and locations. Drawn to Death, the brand new game created by David Jaffe will be free to PlayStation Plus members right out of the gate. A bunch of old Disney games are being ported to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Lots of Zelda fans have thrown a fit over one review by a games journalist. We talk about why that is pretty stupid. Then Stephen goes on about how good Zelda is and Nicole goes on about how good Horizon Zero Dawn is.

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Nintendo did NOT bring The Legend of Zelda for Wii U to E3 as they had promised. They did, however bring a pair of 3DS Legend of Zelda games to help hold us over until we get more information: The Legend of Zelda: Tri-force Heroes and Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Hyrule Warriors Legends is a 3DS re-imagining of the intense action gameplay of the surprise Wii U hit from 2014:Hyrule Warriors. It is being developed by the same team as the original and looks like it will be just as crazy. This is by no means a traditional Legend of Zelda game, but it makes up for it by taking characters that we have loved for decades and letting us see what they could do with insane over the top powers.

The 3DS is not nearly as powerful of a machine as the Wii U so Nintendo has had to make some visual changes. As you can see from the trailer they have matched the cartoonish art style that was used for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS including the distinct dark outlines. I know that our house finds this to be an appealing look so here is hoping that they will use it for more games in the future.

The “Legends” added to the name helps to signify that they will be using all of the same characters from the Hyrule Warriors game for Wii U but will also be adding two characters to the game from Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. Even better? Those characters will also be playable in the Wii U version.

It is scheduled for release during Winter 2015, but we don’t have a final release date yet. I’m sure that will be coming soon though as we get closer.

Keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for updates as the release comes closer!

Click here to see all of our E3 2015 coverage!

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