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Welcome to Engaged Family Gaming!

We are thrilled to be celebrating 10 years of providing the best in family gaming information. Here at Engaged Family Gaming, we bring together a team of parents, aunts, uncles, and enthusiastic gamers who are passionate about sharing our experiences with the latest video and board games. We understand that it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing trends in gaming, especially if you’re a parent trying to keep up with the kids. That’s why our blog is dedicated to helping you find the perfect game for your family.


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Our goal is to provide honest reviews and helpful tips on the best games for families, whether they are board games, video games, tabletop role-playing games, or virtual reality. We also offer podcasts and a mailing list for those who want to stay informed about the newest releases in family gaming.

So come join us on our journey! Follow us on social media, listen to our podcast, or subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest reviews and tips on the best family games. Let’s get gaming!

Our Staff

Our staff strives to make EFG your go-to source for games that will bring your family together, spark imagination, and create lasting memories. We understand the challenges parents face in finding suitable games for their children, and we’re here to make that journey easier and more enjoyable. Join us in exploring the wonderful world of family-friendly gaming!

Stephen Duetzmann

Stephen Duetzmann is the founder of Engaged Family Gaming, a family gaming blog that celebrates 10 years of providing the best in family gaming entertainment. Stephen is a passionate gamer and has been playing video and board games for most of his life. He’s also a dad, so he understands the importance of making sure that the games his family plays are enjoyable and appropriate for everyone. Stephen is a strong advocate for responsible gaming and loves to share his knowledge and experiences with others. Through Engaged Family Gaming, he hopes to provide an enjoyable and educational gaming experience for families across the globe.

Linda Wrobel

Linda Wrobel is the Managing Editor of Boardgames for Engagedfamilygaming.com, a mother of two, and a first-grade teacher. Her work at Engaged Family Gaming intersects with her profession as an elementary teacher. Linda has been teaching for over twenty years, most of those in first grade. She has pursued both a master’s and a 6th year degree which specializes in literacy. The educational expertise is invaluable in assessing games for children and families.

Linda has been a member of the Engaged Family Gaming team since 2017. She contributes with reviews, Kickstarter features, guides for families, and co-hosts The Engaged Family Gaming Podcast as well as a range of other contributions on social media. 

The love Linda has for board games developed by getting into gaming backwards.  She dove headfirst into LARP about 20 years ago. Then, she began playing Dungeons and Dragons. As life got busy after having children, her passion for board games was ignited as she first became a fan of the content on Engaged Family Gaming. Her board game enthusiasm grew to where she wanted a more active role and began writing articles. Her passion for games has evolved into a partnership where she created and managed the majority of the board game content. 

Amanda Farough

Amanda is a devoted mother of four and a veteran writer across multiple disciplines with experience spanning nearly fifteen years. She writes both FOR games and ABOUT them. She has been a professional writer since 2009, when she got her start as a blogger on a number of indie media sites that no longer exist (and have long since deleted her work). She worked as a Games Editor at Mic.com before their infamous pivot-to-video in 2017, but is best known for her work at GameDaily.biz and SuperParent.com as Editor-in-Chief. Her bylines are varied and numerous, but most notably include The Washington Post, Teen Vogue, GamesBeat, Mashable, and PC Gamer. She left games media in late 2020 to conduct gameplay feedback consultations through the company she co-founded with Mike Futter (F-Squared), where she also helps run the Virtual Economy podcast.

Marie Rosa

Marie Rosa is a contributing editor for EFG, a registered nurse with a BA in English, and the mother of cat dragons. Marie has applied her unique healthcare experience with her love of stories and gaming to help others find their footing in the gaming world.

Marie has been a long-time follower of EFG and joined the team in 2022. A multi-decade friendship with EFG’s founder Steve has made her contributions to gaming definitions and other articles a natural fit.

Marie’s lifelong love of games has created an arsenal of experience to draw from. She has been playing hot lava, card games, board games, charades, and sports since childhood. This has expanded into computers, consoles, RPGs, and LARPing today. When she’s not at the keys with EFG, Marie is either playing World of Warcraft or out in the woods playing her elf warrior with Alliance LARP.

Jonathan Tomlinson

Jonathan has been on staff with Engaged Family Gaming since before the first podcast 10 years ago! After interviewing Stephen on his own podcast he was asked to become the producer and audio editor for the Engaged Family Gaming Podcast. Contributing to research for articles and producing a majority of the Engaged Family Gaming Podcast he is now a Co-Host known as the Man behind the curtain. He has a passion for handhelds and the most up-to-date systems. He enjoys building his own computers and board games. In his daily life, he works for a famous brick-built toy company.

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  1. When I turned on parental controls for my child (12 yo), he could not play the Fortnite game – even though I selected “Allowed” for “Age Level for Games”. Is it possible to have parental controls on (in terms of play time) and still access Fortnite?

    Thanks and best regards,

    1. It should be possible! I can give more detailed instructions if I know what console you were using.

      If you like, you can message us on our Facebook page. I can respond there!

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