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Overwatch is celebrating its second anniversary as I write this. It has been wildly successful since the day it came out and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. It boasts 27 diverse characters (each with their own dedicated fan community), 40 million players worldwide, and an eSports league that includes teams owned by the likes of Bob Kraft. That is, clearly, not enough, though. Overwatch is going to be expanding into the world of toys.

Hasbro is in the Mix

Hasbro and Activision Blizzard announced a partnership today that lists Hasbro as the master toy licensee for the Overwatch franchise. They will be creating a wide range of toys, board games, and other products using Overwatch characters. The announcement press release wasn’t very heavy on details, but we do know a few things.

The official Overwatch Twitter account tweeted out a message that Overwatch themed NERF Rivals guns will be coming sometime next year. The tweet, embedded below, doesn’t show us ANYTHING about the guns that they are making, but I think some of them are pretty obvious. I assume that we will see Soldier 76’s assault rifle, Tracer’s paired pistols, and Reaper’s shotgun pistols. There are 27 characters that each have distinct weapons, so I am sure we’ll see some interesting choices. The only real restriction I can think of is that the Rivals line shoots ping-pong ball like ammunition so that does limit the kinds of weapons they can use. Hanzo’s bow, for example, doesn’t fit into that mold.

Hasbro does more than just NERF though. They are also really good at action figures.

Overwatch LEGO

Activision Blizzard has announced that they have entered a partnership with LEGO to release a variety of building sets at several different prices. They haven’t made any official announcements about what those sets will be (unfortunately), but the fact that they are happening at all is exciting enough for me and my kids. I suspect that the minifigures will be a big part of the draw for these sets. I know they won’t, but I hope that there will be some sort of box set that I can buy that will include them all.

It looks like Overwatch is going to keep expanding all over the place. It’s already a pillar of the video game space and it will soon be in our toy boxes. When will they get around to making it a movie?

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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We don’t talk about them much on Engaged Family Gaming, but we do owe a lot to some of the classic board games like Monopoly and Candy Land. They may be simple compared to more complex euro games. But, a lot of people who say that they “love board games” do so because of nostalgia for playing these games with their families and friends as a child.

Some of these games have been around for so long that popular house rules have become the norm during play. For example, did you know that in Monopoly there is nothing in the rules that says anything about a cash reward for landing on Free Parking? Take a look if you don’t believe me.

Hasbro, the company behind Monopoly, has taken to its Facebook page to encourage fans to share and debate their own house rules. The best among these rules will be included in a special edition of the game to be released at a later date. The discussion started yesterday (March 25th) and will continue until April 3rd.

I’m interested to see what interesting house rules end up getting the most attention. But, I’m even more curious to see what sorts of house rules you play with! Sound off in the comments and let us know the game and the adjustment you made!

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