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Madden is yet again setting the bar for football games.  Along with maintaining constantly beautiful visuals that add to the immersive experience.  EA has begun taking the Madden franchise down the road to being a true football simulator with the addition of Real Player Motion-Locomotion.   What they have done is try and find a more nuanced balance between controller responsiveness and authenticity when you are trying to blast through a tackle or break away from the field or even defending those high flying receivers.  Players will be able to string moves together for complex movements like Spin to Juke back to Spin to Push The Pile. The intent is very clear that EA wants players to experience the most realistic football experience possible from a visual and mechanical standpoint.  These changes along with changes to the Franchise system that will allow Players to level and evaluate players based on specific offensive and defensive schemes would appear to signify a large jump forward toward being their simulator goal.

However, one item that EA did bring back that is not mechanical is the continuation of the “Longshot” story mode that allows you play experience Devin Wade and Colt Cruise’s attempts to keep their NFL dreams alive while life gets in the way.  It appears that EA heard their fans on this one and have added more actual gameplay to the story that was lacking in the 2018 version.

Ultimately all this should be great news for the legions of diehard Madden fans as it really is just more of what has already proven to be a very very very successful business model.  With that said though for those of us that are casual fans of the franchise, the closer that they move to a true simulator the more difficult that it becomes to just pick up an play. So while I am excited to see where this franchise has come I know that there will be no way that kids will be able to wrap their minds or hands around this game.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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Electronic Arts held their EA Play event as part of the E3 2017 festivities on June 10, 2017. They made a lot of great announcements over the course of the event. But, none of them got me as excited as the addition of a story mode to Madden 2018.

Last year, EA Sports added a single player Story mode to FIFA 2017 called The Journey where players took on the role of Alex Hunter as he progresses through his career. This was fascinating and I enjoyed it, but I don’t really have much of a connection with soccer.

Longshot appears to be the answer to my Madden prayers. That is the title of the single player story mode of Madden 2018. The details are slim (we only have a short trailer to go by), but it looks like players will take on the role of a Texas high school football player as he progresses through his career in college and into the NFL. This is a story that we have seen play out in its various parts in various movies and television shows in the last few decades, but it is rare to see a story take a player from their humble beginnings all the way to the pros.

Personally, this looks like a great opportunity to attract players to the Madden franchise. They already have a diehard crew that will buy the game every year no matter what. But, most of those players are dedicated to the multiplayer game. This, if it is built similarly to The Journey, will turn Madden into an RPG that will have installments every year! That’s my kind of party!

Madden 18 will release for on August 25th for PS4 and Xbox One.

What do you think? Are you and your family any more likely to play a Madden game this year because it has a single player story mode? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

This is only the beginning of a whole week of E3 2017 coverage. Make sure to keep your eye on Engaged Family Gaming all week for all of the family gaming news and our discoveries on the E3 show floor!

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