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By: Charles Warden

Publisher: Pikpok

Release Date: July 10, 2013

Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Overall Review:

It happens all too often these days that movie tie-in games are just re-skinned infinite runner games like Temple Run. Gladly, this is not the case with Turbo Racing League which is based on the upcoming Dreamworks movie Turbo. Beautifully designed tracks await your upgradable snail while it races through Dos Bros taco stand. Collect and spend tomatoes, readily available or purchasable in game, to increase your performance or customize your snail’s appearance. There aren’t that many different tracks, but there is plenty of variety to the game play thanks to time trials and a slalom mode. Leader boards are also available in ranked races so you can see how you stack up against everyone else.

Family Gaming Assessment:

Turbo is based on an upcoming children’s animated movie and television cartoon series so it is perfectly suitable for the whole family. Even older children and adults will enjoy the quick controls and even faster experience. Parents need to be be aware this is a “freemium” game. That means there are in-game purchases for real money and advertisements that can lead you away from the game. All advertisements seem to be for other games from PikPok or their partners. Turning off data and wifi seems to remove this for the duration of play.

Playability Assessment:

The controls to the game are quick and responsive. That’s what makes it so much fun to play. However, this means the youngest of children may find it very difficult to progress past a certain point when things start to get really fast.

This is a newer game so owners of older devices could experience some slowdown in these later stages as well.


Overall this is a hugely fun game that shows off how far mobile gaming has come in the last few years, especially considering the standards set by movie tie-in games in the past. As a “freemium” game you could just download and enjoy kicking the tail end of your nitrous infused snail sideways around the track. You should, however, consider a small purchase as a way to support the developer and tell them that you want to see more quality mobile games like Turbo Racing League.

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