Pokémon has been around for more than 20 year and in that time has been a collectible card game, cartoon, handheld games, and mobile game.  It is wildly popular with kids of all ages (and kids at heart) across all its format.

There are a huge range of craft ideas available with a simple search online.  However, the challenge is to find a craft that is kid friendly without driving parents and caregivers crazy.  Many crafts that were “for kids” were clearly too complicated to get a quality result.  The goal was to identify crafts that seems simple and relatively easy to recreate the sample, and avoiding the “pinterest fail” categories.


Pikachu is an iconic character and fan favorite there is a plethora of ideas to create your own with a wide range of materials and skill levels.

Pikachu Mug

DIY Pokemon GO Sharpie Pikachu Cup...


Pikachu mug: This craft involves finding a yellow mug and using black and red sharpie pens to trace a printed template onto a mug.  One significant change you should make is to acquire sharpie paint pens,then you can set the paint in the oven to help it last longer. Otherwise the regular sharpie will just wash off.  Here are directions for using paint pens on mugs: http://gluedtomycraftsblog.com/2013/12/diy-painted-mugs-that-wont-wash-away-craft.html

Pikachu pony bead

pony bead Pikachu keychain


Kids love to have decorations to hang on their backpacks and this pony bead Pikachu is the perfect simple design.  Two strings are utilized to create this adorable accessory.

Origami Pikachu

For older grades - Pokemon is very popular now thanks to Pokemon Go. Students will love creating things that connect with lessons they've learned in class with a twist on their favorite things such as Pokemon, Harry Potter, Minions, etc....


For slightly older children, origami is great for children with good dexterity, or with support to help develop their dexterity.


A second iconic image from Pokemon is the Pokeball, and there are a wide array of crafts in a range of skill levels.

Pokeball Paper Plate

Opening pokeballs made from paper plates and construction paper. Then had the kids pick out their favorite Pokemon, color them, and tape them inside. The kids were so excited for this project that one child threw a tantrum when his mom said they weren't coming so she had to come to the gym just so he could come to Playcare.


This is a cute activity that using the standard thin paper plate, a kids crafting staple, and turns two of them into a pokeball that opens to reveal a Pokemon. Construction paper was used to create the red portion of the Pokeball and the black and white circle.  To complete the look white construction paper could be used for the white portion.  Additionally to make the ball hinged, youn can use a brass fastener to attach the two plates.

Pokeball Suncatcher

Pokemon craft for kids - make a Pokeball suncatcher from And Next Comes L


This is a cute activity that can be scaled down to young children easily, and  uses red and white tissue paper, black construction paper or card stock, and contact paper.  This also is a great fine motor activity for children when they tear the tissue paper.  

Pokeball Ornament

Find Pokeballs in your Christmas tree!!! DIY Christmas hand-painted ornaments are easy to make with these instructions from Arisu Crafts.


This is a relatively simple way to create poke balls to decorate your Christmas tree (or anywhere you want to hang them)  There are multiple steps involved, but none are too complicated.  The directions are in French, but the pictures explain the process well without using the written explanations.

Pikachu and Pokeball Bookmarks 

DIY Pokemon Bookmark And Pointer:


Perler Beads

Perler Beads are a great way to make designs for just about anything.  There are many patterns that can also be used for other crafts, such as crochet, quilting, and embroidery for more advanced crafters.  

Pokémon ball Perler Beads

pokemon ballen


17 Pokemon Perler bead patterns

DIY 21 Pokemon Perler Beads Patterns For more Perler Beads DIYs go here: unicornhatparty.com/tagged/perler-beads U Create Crafts has listed 21 Pokemon Perler Beads Patterns on their site here. • Pokeball • Charmander • Ekans • Pikachu • Bulbasaur •...


Pokemon Logo Perler beads

My neighbor would love this. I should make it for her!


Pikachu Perler Beads

Pikachu - Pokemon perler bead pattern by BEADS.Tokyo


Lego Card Holder Tray

LEGO playing card holders for kids card games


This is a great activity that crosses over the interest in Pokémon cards and Legos.  This tray is a great inspiration for any “Master Builder”.

These are great crafts for kids to create Pokémon crafts. There are crafts that have a wide range of skills, depending on the child and the level of support desired by the adult, and are a fun ways to tie in the love of Pokémon with crafting activities.  

By Linda Wrobel

Managing Editor: Board Games Mother, Educator, and Board Game Editor.

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