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I saw a lot of interesting indie titles while I wandered the show floor at PAX East. Only a few of them stood out to me as something that needed real attention. Treasure Adventure World was one of the best.

Developed by Robit Studios, a team of three people, Treasures Adventure World looks like a treat. The story follows common video game tropes: a young girl with amnesia, a companion with ambiguous intentions, and an adventure to discover her past. The adorable aesthetic, however, more than pushes it ahead of the pack. This is a gorgeous game to watch. Characters are well animated (even at this early stage of development) and the levels are beautifully done.

Treasure Adventure World takes a Metroidvania style adventure game and makes it accessible to a younger audience. Simple controls and a straight forward premise will let younger players enjoy this richly animated world without getting confused. The protagonist does slowly acquire new tools that will allow players to explore different areas for secrets, but these changes are brought on slowly to avoid overwhelming anyone.

Robit Studios is doing amazing things with this game and I cannot wait to share more with you. Stay tuned to Engaged Family Gaming in the near future for more updates.

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