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Minecraft was first released in 2011 and since then has become one of the best selling video games of all time. Its aesthetic is instantly recognizable and the blocky voxels allow for some easy crafting adaptations for a wide range of skills. There are many blogs and Pinterest pages with crafts, many of which are too complicated for children. This collection of crafts use common materials with simple steps that children with a range of skills can complete.


Mosaic Magnets



Using just a simple print out and an adhesive magnetic sheet and a pair of scissors you can create a wide range of Minecraft creations (especially using the 8 bit designs listed below).

Steve and Creeper Heads


These cross over into costume/dress-up too. The link provides directions for making Steve and Creeper heads out of cardboard boxes. The labor intensive part for the adult is going to be making the grid lines.

8 Bit/Perler Bead Patterns


These patterns are perfect to use with perler beads. Younger crafters can follow these designs and create their favorite characters.  These designs are not limited to beads, and can be used for a range of crafts for more experienced crafters.  Some additional crafts include: Friendship bracelets, quilt squares, knitting or crocheting.




















Stone Weapons



Diamond Sword


Diamond Ax



Ender Dragon



Assorted characters


Armor and swords


Friendship Bracelet

This design is longer and thin which is intended as a friendship bracelet, but could easily be used for other crafts.




Characters on canvas

For kids that like to paint and (mostly) can stay in the lines, this is a great painting activity. For younger kids an adult would need to paint the grid and indicate the color to use.  For older kids, they may still need assistance creating the grid. These could also become bedroom decorations for a Minecraft fan.



DIY Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky Dinks are a classic craft that you can create using any theme.  By tracing Minecraft pictures you can make you can have Minecraft Shrinky Dinks!



Creeper Magnets

This craft uses glass gems (found in most craft sections of stores) creeper face printouts and adhesive magnets. The blog link also has directions for Minecraft Sticker Block art and Construction Paper Pixel Art



Creeper Made with Toilet Paper Rolls and a Small Box



Creeper Construction Paper Art




This blog details a Minecraft Themed birthday party.  The paper torch was one activity for the kids to enjoy.  Directions for the torch are about near the bottom of the page.



Tin Can Containers

Creating a pencil tin using paper and an old tin can is a classic craft.  This simple activity takes a Minecraft print out and attaches it to a tin can to decorate.  For the younger crafter this is nice and simple. For a more skilled older child, they could use grip paper to design their own image.



No Sew Pillows

This blog details how to make Minecraft pillows without sewing at all!  The pillows are held together with fusible bonding, which you iron to bond it, or fabric glue.  The Minecraft characters are painted or glued on with felt.  This is a more involved craft, but being no sew it is safer for crafters of all ages.



Minecraft is wildly popular and in the game Creative Mode allows the players to use their imaginations.  The crafts listed above allow them to tap into their interest of Minecraft and be creative in the real world. There are crafts that have a wide range of skills, depending on the child and the level of support desired by the adult.  Crafts are a fun ways to connect the love of creation in Minecraft to making real objects.


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Legend of Zelda is a fan favorite for adults and kids alike. In it’s thirty year history it had become an icon in the video game industry.  With its popularity, there are countless bloggers and other resources available to spark the creativity of your child’s ( or your) enthusiasm for all things Zelda.  Finding crafts appropriate for kids can be daunting in the plethora of cosplay ideas.

One source of kid friendly crafts are the range of 8-bit designs.  Many of these were designed to be used with perler beads. The perler beads are a perfect craft for elementary school age children. They are small plastic beads you arranged on a grid base, cover with parchment paper and fuse with an iron once the design in complete.  These same layouts could be used by budding artist to draw on graph paper. A more advanced crafter could embroider these designs in cross stitch, crochet a blanket, make quilting squares or create a full quilt just to name a few.



Link by Urcujiro on Kandi Patterns:





Zelda Perler Bead Pattern:



Perler Bead Legend of Zelda Rupee by CalysDesigns on Etsy:

Health Hearts


Wish | Legend of Zelda Health Life Hearts Necklace Bead Sprite Perler Art:



LoZ Navi perler beads by perling_pearson:


Navi Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite:



Triforce Zelda Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite:

Mixed picture 


Zelda Blanket 8-bit images design.:


For a different kind of kid friendly craft a  Zelda fan who enjoyed Ocarina of Time may want to create their own Navi.  Below are two which appear to be easy and are a creative way to have a young fan create their own Navi.


This first project appear to be an intermediate crafting difficulty, it involves wrapping yarn around a ball and what appear to be pipe cleaners or wire.  There are no directions, the photo is from an etsy.com posting.



Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/172802808/tael-fairy-legend-of-zelda-majoras-mask:


This second project is a homemade pompom Navi. This one has the steps depicted in the pictures.  Again this is not a beginner craft but is more of a hard beginner to an intermediate level, based on the steps involved.  


DIY fairy Navi from the legend of Zelda #DIY #fariy #Navi #Zelda:


Finally, for one final Zelda fan feature is the Sheikeh.  In this link the crafter is using a wooden door hanger and painting it. Based on my crafting experience with kids, I think this project could be made easily with kids using fun foam for all the pieces including the door hanger. That would also omit the painting step, if that simplification is desired. Foam is an easy material to cut and glue with Elmer’s liquid glue or even a high quality glue stick.  

Sheikeh slate door hanger:


Sheikah Slate Door Hanger, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild kids craft:


These are great crafts for kids to create Legend of Zelda themed crafts.  The difficulty can be scaled up or down depending on the skill of the child and the level of support desired by the adult.  These can be fun ways to spend rainy days and create decorations for their rooms or for other Zelda fans.

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