Hero Forge Games
Ages 4-10
2-7 players
Playtime 30-60 minutes

Hero Forge Games is at is again with the release of the expansion to their blockbuster Hero Kids – Space Heroes! If your kid is more into sci-fi than fantasy, or just wants to branch out to play a guardian of the galaxy far, far away, this is definitely something to put on your wish-list.  As shown in their first teaser, the straightforward mechanics are staying the same, meaning parents and children will be able to dive into sci-fi adventures quickly.  While the Space Heroes are compatible with the normal Hero Kids adventures, there’s also three new adventures specifically designed to make user of the new setting.

 As with the base game, the expansion is is available in print and PDF versions via DriveThruRPG.  While the base game is required to get the basic rules, the expansion has the now-standard 10 different characters to choose from (and cut-out paper markers for each character), along with a number of blank character sheets for players who want to draw their own characters.  The expansion also gives details on the new skills the space heroes have, which experienced players can quickly find analogs for in the base rules.

If you’re not familiar with the base Hero Kids game, I’d recommend checking out our review.  If you are, the biggest change you’ll want to be aware of is the introduction of Nadic-Binding, which is the Space Hero equivalent to magic (and may bear a resemblance to a certain Dark Lord’s “sorcerous ways”.)

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By Dustin Crewell

Staff Writer

My start with gaming is lost in the mists of time, back when games consisted of nothing more than sticks and rocks. As the eons passed, I progressed through the classic board and video games until I finally found roleplaying games. This is widely regarded as one of my better discoveries, as it was ultimately responsible for most of the best friendships I’ve ever had. I’m a gaming generalist, interested in everything from consoles and card games to mobile apps and live-action roleplaying. I’m also dad to an amazing little girl, one who is starting to come into her own as a talented all-around gamer. I hope to instill in her the joy that comes from exploring and experimenting in games, the ways to test and learn and grow while playing - and, with a little luck, share those with you as well.

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