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Publisher: Gamewright
Genre: Dice Game
Players: 2-6
Ages: 8 & Up
Time: 15 minutes
MSRP: $10.99


Dodge Dice consists of 10 dice (1 penalty, 1 action, 8 dodge), 18 purple skip chips, and a rules

pamphlet. This fast moving, highly competitive, push your luck dice game is a great ice breaker

or starter game for your family game night. Dodge Dice teaches probability, the principles of

risk, and basic math concepts in an exciting dice rolling format.


The goal of the game is to dodge penalty points and end up with the lowest score at the end of

a series of rounds.


Gameplay is played in a series of rounds. The player who last played dodge ball goes first.

After the first roll, the penalty die is found placed to the side. This shows the penalty for the

round. The action die is then found and determines what happens next in the game. The active

player looks at all of the dodge dice and places any whose face up side matches the penalty die

to the side. Any remaining dice get passed to the left along with the action die. The number of

dice decreases as the round is played. Play continues in each round until a player rolls a stop

on the action die or all of the dice match the penalty die. These end the round and the active

player collects the points on the penalty die. Players complete rounds until one person reaches

100 points. The game ends and the person with the lowest score wins. To make the game

more strategic, the rules include skip chips. Skip chips allow the player to skip their turn or

ignore the result of a roll to avoid collecting points. Skip chips are limited, so it is important to

use them wisely.


We have played through this game numerous times with players 12 and older and mixes of

younger kids and adults. The recommended age for the game seems to be spot on. At first

glance, it seems that younger players might be able to play because there is no reading and

only fairly simplistic math involved. This assumption, however, would be incorrect. Much of the

strategy was lost when we attempted this game with younger players. Skip chips were spent

too quickly and the escalating probability of gaining points as the round went on was completely



While there’s nothing epic about this game, it’s an enjoyable, quick game that can be used in a

variety of ways. We’ve used it as a spark to get people organized around the table to play a

more advanced game. We’ve used it as a study break for our children to keep their minds

active while giving them a bit of kinesthetic relief. Dodge Dice‘s compact size makes it a great

portable game that can be brought along on outings to restaurants and other places where you

might need an activity while you sit and wait.

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Disclosure: A review copy of this game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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This year at the NY Toy Fair there will be a lot to see. Manufacturers showing off the newest innovations in toys and games… We’re excited to see what they have to show us, and one of our favorite publishers, Gamewright, has given a sneak peek!

Check out the new cover art!
Turns out in addition to the publication of Farm Fresh Games’ Super Tooth which we announced earlier, there are some other amazing things coming our way.

First off, Sleeping Queens will be getting a brand new 10th Anniversary Edition! This new edition will come in a tin (like Sushi Go!) and will be complete with never-before-seen queens and kings and exclusive stickers! So, if you are like me and your child has managed to bend every card as the Rose Queen and the Star Queen talk over an imaginary picnic lunch, this is a great way to upgrade.

Rory’s Story Cubes is getting another release of it’s popular Mix expansions which were released around Christmas. So, as you roll your story, you can search your house for clues, or take a stegosaurus on a boat, or have Batman meet his fairy godmother! I’m pretty excited to check out Enchantment, Clues and Prehistoria for myself!

To give you a background, Gamewright is known for its commitment to surprisingly fun family games. We don’t have to suffer through Candy Land and Cootie for the 10,000 time. They take concepts that are fun for children and they mix them with strategy and gameplay that even boring, old adults can be entertained by. So, needless to say, while we’re excited about the games we’ve played before getting some new life, we’re REALLY excited about the new games they have coming out!

Sneaky Cards - Play it Forward
Have you ever thought about doing something silly, like taking a picture with someone you’ve never met, or dancing where EVERYONE can see? Well, Sneaky Cards – Play it forward, is a game that lets you do just that. It’s a scavenger hunt where you pass an activity on to the next person… playing it forward. It’s a very interesting concept game where every move is a social experiment!

Outfoxed! A Cooperative Whodunit Game
So, one thing we know Gamewright excels at is cooperative games, with titles like Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Island it’s almost a given that we’d be interested in Outfoxed! Outfoxed! is a cooperative game for players ages 5+ where the players are… chickens. Chickens chasing clues to catch a fox that has absconded with a prized pot pie (let’s hope it’s vegan), what family can resist working together to solve such a heinous crime? I know mine can’t!

Go Nuts! The Completely Cracked-Up Dice Game
The only thing that can follow a game full of poultry intrigue, is one about squirrels. Go Nuts! is a dice game where you want to collect as many nuts as you can, while dodging cars, and before your opponents can send the dogs after you! It almost sounds like Zombie Dice for fans of the fluffier game protagonists.

Flashlights & Fireflies - A Game of Shine and Seek
We don’t know too much about Flashlights and Fireflies. According to Gamewright: “Get ready for a backyard dash-through-the-dark in this game of firefly-powered flashlight freeze tag! First, catch fireflies to power up your flashlight. Then shine it on other players before they sneak back to home base. All along, watch out for bats, raccoons, and other nighttime critters that are out to trip up your tracks. Be the first to reach home and you’ve outshined the competition!” I would guess that it is a board game, but I’m not sure – I guess we’ll need to find out once we see it!

Dragonwood - A Game of Dice and Daring
Now here is where I get really excited. Dragonwood is a game that promises to be reminiscent of all of my fantasy-based tabletop roleplaying games. Building a hand of adventurers while fighting goblins and orcs and dragons (Oh my!) with a constantly changing strategy? This game could be amazing! And knowing Gamewright‘s dedication to making games that encourage the whole family to play, I have to say I’m excited to play a roleplaying-like game and to NOT have to be the Dungeon Master!

So, that’s Gamewright‘s line-up for 2015! I’m looking forward to most of these titles from what I’ve learned so far, I can’t wait to get a chance to actually play!

Wondering about other Gamewright games? Check our our reviews here!

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By: Christopher Richter

Lots of people dream about becoming a superhero; I know I have. But, sadly, I do not have super strength, the ability to climb walls, or to call upon the forces of mother nature. I do, however, know how to roll dice! If you are like me and you love comics, playing games, and have dreamt of becoming or superhero or maybe even being the maniacal super-villain, then Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men by Wizkids is the game for you.

AvX Dice Masters

You will be able to find everything you need for a two player game at your friendly local gaming store. The Dice Masters set-up box, which is much like the box for Quarriors, comes with enough basic dice for one player, four boosters, and a special alternate art Storm character card. And then there are the gravity feeds full of boosters that contain 2 character cards and the dice that match them.

You are going to want to begin with a Starter Box; let me break down the contents for you.

You will receive:

  • 16 sidekick dice (8 going to each player)
  • 10 basic action cards
  • 24 character cards (3 versions of 8 different characters) with 2 dice per each character
  • 2 dice bags
  • Rule book

Each of the sidekick dice have six different symbols (mask, fist, lightning bolt, question mark, shield, and a sidekick). Five of those sides are used as energy to purchase character cards while the sidekick side of the dice can be fielded as a separate character during combat.

Your objective during each game is to deplete your opponents health points from 20 to 0. It needs to be noted that this is no mere dice rolling game! It is also a deck builder. You can set up some wonderful combos with many of the cards that are available. Nick Fury, for example, lets you field Avengers for free so it is a good strategy to pair him with those heroes.

AvX Dice Masters

In a casual game of Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men you take control of up to eight character cards (heroes & villains alike), two basic action cards, and up to 20-dice split amongst the character cards. At the start of each round you roll four sidekick dice from your dice bag. Then you spend your dice as energy to purchase character or basic action cards. Each character will have a main energy symbol. Storm for example has the lightning bolt as her symbol so you must spend one lightning bolt plus the sum of the other dice that equal the cost next to her symbol to purchase her.

Gameplay example:

Chris and Aaron are getting ready to play Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men. Chris has a six character team set up. While Aaron is using a seven character team. Each player is using 15 dice. First, they check to see which of their teams consists of the highest total of points used to field their characters. Chris ends up with the highest total so he decides who plays first. In our example he decides to play first.

Chris then removes 4 dice from his dice bag and rolls them. He comes up with two lightning energy, a fist, and a sidekick. He uses the fist and a lightning energy to purchase a “Black Widow: Natural” from his character area and places the die in his used area. He then fields the sidekick die for free. At this point has the option to attack or leave it fielded for later use.

Aaron then rolls his own four dice and rolls a shield, a fist, a mask, and a question mark. He spends the mask, fist, and shield to purchase “Gambit.” He decides to keep the question mark for later use as it is a wild card and can be used as any of the other energies. He has nothing to field so he ends his turn.

A few turns later Chris has no dice left in his bag so he takes all of his used dice and refills the dice bag. He takes out another four and rolls. One is the Black Widow die that he purchased on his first turn. He rolls the level 1 side which has a fielding cost of 0. He fields it then uses the fist and shield he rolled to purchase a Nick Fury keeping the question mark that is left over.

Chris attacks with Black Widow and his sidekick. Aaron has nothing to block with so the attack goes through. 3-points of damage is done to Aaron. Since Black Widow and the sidekick attacked without being blocked they go to the used area.

It goes without saying that the game is complex, but once players have mastered the basics they will be able to expand into some of the more complex strategies. Dice Masters, like Magic: The Gathering, is a game that grows with both the player and their collection of cards and dice.

Want to get in on a tournament? Visit your friendly local game store and see if any are scheduled. When you play in an authorized tournament you are guaranteed at least a participation prize.

Dice Masters is another game that is built around collectibility. This game alone has turned Wizkids into the largest producer of dice in the world. The next set, Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men, released on October 22nd.

In the near future Wizkids will also produce more sets to go along with the Dice Masters theme. Some of the set themes that have been announced are Dungeon & Dragons, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and DC Comics. I look forward to mixing things up with these sets. I can just imagine a team with Superman, Spider-Man, a Kobold, a goblin, Dark Magician, Batman, Wolverine, & Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Drop me a note on Twitter @Boardgaming_FTW or Board Game Geek: Anime_Guru. I’d like to hear your card combos if you play or even if you have any questions.

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