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The Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) is now over and it was a HUGE success. A lot of great games were shown and several companies made big announcements. We compiled a list of the 9 biggest family game stories of E3 2016. Take a look below!



This announcement may end up being the most impactful announcement of the whole show when we look back on E3 2016 in a few years. Sure. We saw Project Scorpio announced by Microsoft, but Minecraft has progressed into more than just a game. It is a cultural movement that has swept up huge swaths of our society. One of the few things preventing it from growing even farther is the fact that so many people are stuck in their own walled gardens.

The idea of kids being able to play together when one of them is on on their parent’s laptops while another kid is playing on a second hand iPad is AMAZING. This could make a game that already engages just about every school kid in America and help them engage with it on a different level: with their friends.



SPIDER-MAN!!!! I don’t really need to say much else here. Spider-Man is among the most well loved superheroes there is and it has been a crime to see him so underrepresented in GOOD video games over the years.

We don’t know much about the upcoming Spider-Man title from Insomniac Games, but they are experience game developers who have made some wonderful games in the past. Here’s hoping they can knock another one out of the park.

Spider-Man is Getting a New Video Game!


Ever Oasis is an adorable looking Action RPG being made by a JRPG legend. It is slated for a 2017 release and my boys and I are already hungry for it. This looks great!

Nintendo Surprises Everyone with New RPG Ever Oasis


Legend of Zelda is an iconic franchise. We saw this game announced at the Game Awards a few years ago and it immediately captivated the gaming world. There isn’t much more that I can say other than that I am super excited for it. We will talk a lot more about this game as it gets closer to its release next year.

Until then? Click the link on the article and take a look at the footage. Just let it soak in.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Coming!


Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of my most anticipated games right now. It features a strong female protagonist and is easily one of them most gorgeous games I have ever laid eyes on. Check out the new gameplay video inside!

Horizon: Zero Dawn Has a New Gameplay Demo


Crash Bandicoot is a big part of gaming history and my family is very excited to see him come back.

Crash Bandicoot is Coming Back!


VR is coming and it is coming fast. The one thing that it is missing is a set of games that will draw people in. Part of me suspects that appealing to Trekkies is one heck of a way to get some people in to the VR market.

Ubisoft Blows Trekkies Minds With Star Trek: Bridge Crew


When Electronic Arts  signed their contract with Disney to have exclusive rights to produce Star Wars games for ten years they knew that a countdown timer had started. They only had a decade to squeeze ever dollar out of that deal.

We are just starting to see the results of that deal and it means that we will get a AAA Star Wars game every year for the foreseeable future.

Electronic Arts is Bringing Fans a LOT of Star Wars!


Electronic Arts is making FIFA into an RPG. How crazy is that?

FIFA is already one of the most popular game franchises in the world so it wouldn’t be terribly shocking if they didn’t bother to innovate, but this is a significant move for them.

It has me very excited to play a game about soccer, which is impressive.

Take the Journey in FIFA 2017!


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Sony held their E3 2016 press briefing and showed off a new trailer showing footage from a new Spider man game in development for the Playstation 4. Finally, Spider-Man is coming back to video games thanks to Insomniac Games!

This is exciting because the video game rights for everyone’s favorite wall crawler have been held by Activision. One might not think that is a problem, but they squandered that license by churning out games that were average at best.

Spider-Man is seeing a new resurgence in popularity thanks to his recent appearance in Captain America: Civil War and his upcoming solo film. This is the perfect time for Sony to move the license over to someone who will give the franchise the appropriate level of care.

Insomniac Games might just be the perfect developer for the job. Their last game was Sunset Overdrive and one of its primary features was the traversal. It was also one of the most fun parts of the game. I would get a quest that required me to go all the way across the city and I would actually get excited that I got to travel. This stands in stark contrast to most games where I would sigh and trudge my way over. They clearly know how to craft a traversal system that is fun to play with and Spider-Man would benefit greatly from that kind of attention.

One point of interest for Spier-Man fans is the new costume. It doesn’t appear to be very similar to any known costumes in the Spiderverse so far. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I have a feeling that it was done to help differentiate the game from the movie. They are not making a game based on the Spider-Man: Homecoming film so they need to work hard to make that distinction to avoid confusion where ever possible.

We don’t know any real details about release date yet, but I think it is safe to assume that they are pushing for a release around the time Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out next year.

Keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for more information as we get closer to release.

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ReCore, an action adventure game from Keiji Inafune and Armiture Studios has a new gameplay trailer and a release date!

ReCore was announced during last year’s Microsoft E3 press briefing. It looked cool, but the information they released last year left out a LOT of details. Fortunately, the mystery was cleared up thanks to new information.

ReCore features the adventurer Joule as she explores a desolate and robot filled landscape with her team of CoreBots. The trailer showed more members of her team than were named, but we were given some information for three of her companions.

Mack – The Explorer: This is a doglike robot that is shown sniffing the ground  as though he can search for things. Perhaps he’ll be able to search for hidden items or secrets in the various environments? The trailer also shows a pretty cool charge dash attach that looks like it can even hit multiple enemies.

Seth – The Escape Artist: Seth is a four legged walker type CoreBot. He appears to be able to grab on to some surfaces like a magnet and glide along them. This will help with navigation and traversal. He also has a gun in his head which gives him a useful ranged attack.

Duncan – The Heavy Hitter: Duncan is a gorilla type CoreBot. He’s massive. He moves slowly, but heaven help you if you get in his range. He also appears to have some sort of fire based area of effect attack that he activates by slamming on the ground.

Joule isn’t helpless though. She has an arsenal of guns at her disposal and  is also very agile. Having a pair of rocket boots isn’t exactly working against her either.

We don’t know much more that this, but we DO know that the game will launch exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on September 13, 2016.



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Nintendo has released a new trailer along with a release date for the latest game in the Paper Mario series: Paper Mario: Color Rush.

This has been a wild E3 for Nintendo. (Do you see what I did there?) They finally announced real details about The new Legend of Zelda, they announced a new RPG series in Ever Oasis, and they even gave us a release window for Pokemon Go. Not too shabby considering they had previously said they were just bringing Zelda.

The new trailer for Paper Mario: Color Rush  showcases the humorous story and gorgeous art style. It also confirms that Paper Mario will finally be returning to its roots.

The story is straight forward. Evildoers are somehow draining the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom of their color. Princess Peach comes to Mario requesting his help and he takes up the quest to solve the problem and stop the bad guys with the help of a magic paint hammer.

Mario and friends will travel across the world using his point hammer to restore color to people and objects in order to undo the damage done. In return the people will help him and he will be able to pass through obstacles and find treasure that will help him on his quest.

The game will be available on October 6, 2016. We simply cannot wait to play it! This should be an excellent addition to Wii U owners’ collections this Fall.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Pixelkin.org. Make sure to check them out when you get a chance!

Square Enix took time on their Twitch channel to give a significant demo of the upcoming mobile game Deus Ex Go. This is the third game in the very successful Go series and one that is being released at a great time considering the upcoming AAA release Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The goal of the demo was to demonstrate some of the key features of the game and to run through a handful of stages. This is important because the Go series is built around the idea of distilling complex games into their most pure form and then turning them into a sort of digital board game.

Deus Ex Go accomplishes this by being a game focused on stealth. You control Jenson as you take steps on a series of interconnected lines.  There are guards at certain other points on the grid that will become aware of you if you step into their line of site. At that point they will take one step towards you for every step you take in any direction. They will also continue to do so until you step around a corner or leave their line of site.

The goal? Its always to navigate Jenson from the starting point on the grid and survive all the way to some point on the other side of the screen without being caught.  Enemies can only be eliminated if you step onto their space when they aren’t aware of you.

Deus Ex isn’t just about stealth though. This isn’t Thief after all. It also is about augmentations and hacking. Deus Ex Go definitely includes both of those things. There are icons on various points on each level where players can activate a cloaking device that will make Jenson invisible for one turn. Likewise there are icons that will let Jenson hack into turrets and platforms.

The game itself looks pretty amazing and both of its predecessors were great. I’ve got high hopes for this one as well. We’ll check back once the game is released later this year.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Pixelkin.org. Make sure to check them out when you get the chance. 

The Square Enix team took some time on their E3 2016 Twitch stream to give a lengthy demo of the North American localized version of Dragon Quest Builders. The game was announced as coming to the West a month ago, and it was quickly dismissed by a large segment of the public as a Minecraft clone.

I’ll admit that I shared their opinions until I spent time watching the demo. Dragon Quest Builders differs from Minecraft is several significant ways.

First, the perspective is different. Minecraft is a first-person game while Dragon Quest Builders is told from an isometric third-person perspective. This might seem like a superficial difference, but I don’t think that it is. Minecraft creations, especially in the games creative mode,  are personal expressions like drawings and sculptures. The first person perspective helps enhance those feelings. The isometric perspective used in Builders lacks that personal connection. I don’t know that this weakens the game at all, but it is, at the very least, a difference that is worth pointing out.

Second, Dragon Quest Builders has a more game-like structure. It has a plot, specific stages, and clear objectives. In this way, it is essentially just another role-playing game with a different conflict resolution system. Minecraft, as is well known, is very free form. There are clear mechanics, and there is even and “end,” but that is not clearly enforced through gameplay.

Dragon Quest Builders has a very unique gameplay loop. Players are tasked with defeating the forces of evil by… building things for people. That’s right. Killing monsters doesn’t even give experience. Instead, the wandering monsters that populate the world drop materials that are needed to help build objects. For example, the slimes drop blue goo which can be combined with wood to make torches.

Its not all freeform though. The people in your slowly growing town will give you quests and ask for specific things to be built. A blacksmith might request a smithy, for example. This gives you specific goals to accomplish whenever you are playing.

Square Enix is releasing Dragon Quest Builders for the PS4 on October 11, 2016 in North America and just three days later in Europe.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Pixelkin.org. Make sure to check them out when you get a chance!

Nintendo was apparently being coy when they announced before E3 that the only game they were bringing to the show was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They revealed a new action RPG for the 3DS called Ever Oasis a short time into their second day of streaming Treehouse Live @ E3 2016.

The game is being developed by a company called Grezzo under the leadership of Koichi Ishii. He is a long-time game developer who has participated in several Final Fantasy games, the entire Secret of Mana series, and is credited with designing Moogles, Chocobos, and the job system from Final Fantasy V which is still used in games today

Ever Oasis is a game that places the player in control of a character who, along with a water spirit named Isuna, is tasked with settling and growing a great oasis in the middle of a vast desert. Players will build shops, forage for materials, and scavenge for the tools their oasis needs to grow.

Over time your oasis will attract other characters of various races and tribes. You’ll be able to recruit these characters into your party while you venture into dangerous dungeons in search of treasure and experience. While in the dungeon you will be able to switch between the member’s of your party at will.

Ever oasis is not without a story though. The gist of the story is that the magical force of chaos has swept into the desert swept the main character’s brother away and is infecting the local animals and turning them into monsters. You need to help return the animals to normal while you are growing your oasis.

We don’t have any details yet regarding a release window yet, but this does look like a promising addition to an already stunning lineup of RPGs on the 3DS. Keep your eyes on Pixelkin.org for updates as we get closer to the release date.

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Nintendo held a Q & A for Pokemon Go at the start of their second Treehouse Live @ E3 event. The panel was loaded with people from Nintendo, Gamefreak, Niantic, and even a few of the more active beta testers. The panel lasted for about an hour, where they went over some of the interesting things that they have learned during the beta process.

The first thing they did was clarify and reiterate exactly how the game works. Pokemon Go is a so-called “real world game.” This means that the game uses GPS data gathered from your phone to locate Pokemon that have been spread throughout the world. When you encounter a Pokemon you will be able to use your phone’s touch screen to throw a Pokeball at it. The likelihood that you can capture the Pokemon is based one whether you can actually hit the model of the character in field of play and if you can hit them when a targeting reticle is at the perfect spot in its cycle.

Pokemon in your collection gain experience and ultimately evolve by eating special Pokemon candy. They specifically mentioned that the candy is earned by capturing Pokemon during your travels, but I am pretty certain that you will also be able to spend real world money on it too. This is a free to play mobile game after all.

One item that got a lot of discussion was the Pokemon Go Plus device. It is a red and white device that can be worn as either a pin or a watch. It connects via blue tooth with your Android or iOS device and lets you play the game without taking your phone out of your pocket. The device has an led light in the center that will flash different colors to tell you what is happening. You can actually use the buttons on the Pokemon Go Plus to capture Pokemon without even taking your phone out.

They also let the release window for both the app and the Pokemon Go Plus slip. They will release in July of this year and the device will retail for $34.99.

Keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for more information as we get closer to release.



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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild.

It isn’t very often that four one-syllable words can send the entirety of the video game universe into a frenzy. But, then, it isn’t very often that Nintendo finally releases the subtitle for a new entry in arguably the most revered franchise in gaming.

Yesterday was one of those days. Nintendo held a Treehouse Live @ E3 event where they announced the subtitle AND showed off around 90 minutes of gameplay. This promptly set the internet ablaze with excitement. They were very careful throughout the process to avoid revealing story spoilers so it is still unclear what the subtitle is referencing, but I have a feeling it is a reference to the open world nature of the game in some way.

The gameplay they showed off was amazing. It appears that the goal through the development process was to take every core assumption about how a Zelda game should work and turn it on its head.

First and foremost, Breath of the Wild is an open world game. From the time Link is woken up and he leaves the cave he was in the entire world opens up to him. You could take him down the hill to the right and meet a familiar old man, or you could go left and climb a mountain. You can truly go anywhere and tackle challenges (including the 100+ challenge shrines) in any order.

Breath of the Wild also features a significant theme: verticality. Link has always been able to climb certain surfaces in 3D Zelda games. But Breath of the Wild gives him the freedom to climb just about any surface he can find. This opens up all manner of options for navigating the terrain even if your options are “Do I climb that wall?” or “Do I take the path and go around?” This is different because, historically, Zelda games were fairly linear. There was a right and a wrong way to navigate the world. Giving Link the ability to climb like a contestant on American Ninja Warrior changes all that. The only real limiting factor on your ability to climb is a stamina bar; Link will fall when it empties completely.

Another massive difference (and possibly the biggest difference) between Breath of the Wild and other games in the series is the way it handles equipment. This game plays like an RPG. You will find armor, shields, and various weapons in treasure chests and in the hands of enemies. These pieces of gear will have stats that will allow you to take less damage or deal more. The key here is that each piece of gear can only be used a certain number of times before it breaks. So you’ll need to carry plenty of backups and save your most powerful weapons for real challenges. Even better? There are multiple weapons that all fight very differently. The spear is fast and has a reasonable amount of range, while the axe is much slower but more deadly.

Link can also jump when you press a button. Go ahead and wrap your mind around that. There as never been a jump button in a Zelda game before. This provides a number of interesting opportunities for challenges within the different dungeons and shrines that never existed before when jumping was automatic. We all know Nintendo knows how to do platforming.

I cant believe I’ve made it this far without talking about the aesthetic. Breath of the Wild is astonishingly gorgeous. It looks like a perfect melding of the bright colors of Windwaker and the animation from Skyward Sword. I couldn’t get enough of it. I watched the entire live stream and was hungry for more when it was finished.

At the end of it all, the one thing they left out was a release date. We know it is coming next year, but we have no real details regarding specifically when. Yet. Keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for more updates as we get closer to the end of the year.






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