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Nintendo has released a new trailer along with a release date for the latest game in the Paper Mario series: Paper Mario: Color Rush.

This has been a wild E3 for Nintendo. (Do you see what I did there?) They finally announced real details about The new Legend of Zelda, they announced a new RPG series in Ever Oasis, and they even gave us a release window for Pokemon Go. Not too shabby considering they had previously said they were just bringing Zelda.

The new trailer for Paper Mario: Color Rush  showcases the humorous story and gorgeous art style. It also confirms that Paper Mario will finally be returning to its roots.

The story is straight forward. Evildoers are somehow draining the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom of their color. Princess Peach comes to Mario requesting his help and he takes up the quest to solve the problem and stop the bad guys with the help of a magic paint hammer.

Mario and friends will travel across the world using his point hammer to restore color to people and objects in order to undo the damage done. In return the people will help him and he will be able to pass through obstacles and find treasure that will help him on his quest.

The game will be available on October 6, 2016. We simply cannot wait to play it! This should be an excellent addition to Wii U owners’ collections this Fall.

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