4 Movies Nintendo Should Make Right Now!

4 Movies Nintendo Should Make Right Now!

I wrote just the other day about how Nintendo would be releasing feature length animated films based on their properties. Hitting the publish button set me thinking about what Nintendo’s options were.

Needless to say I had thoughts and feelings. Take a look below to see what I thought about some of the options that came to mind. When you’re done reading about my thoughts I would love to hear yours in the comments!

Super Mario Bros.

Super Smash Brothers Characters - Mario

Mario – Super Mario Brothers

There is no sense holding this one till last for dramatic effect. Nintendo is apparently making “several” animated feature films so it is almost certain that a Mario movie will be among them. This is both exciting and terrifying in equal parts considering how terrible the Super Mario Bros. Movie was back in 1993.

Fortunately, movies (and just about everything else) have improved since those dark days so the likelihood of it being as terrible as the last go-round is very low.

All told the Mushroom Kingdom has the chance to be a very cool place to have a movie. It is full of vibrant colors, interesting landscapes, and odd critters. We’ve seen all sorts of crazy stuff in the various Mario games we’ve played so I can only imagine the stops Nintendo would pull out for a movie.


Super Smash Brothers Characters - Samus Aran

Samus Aran – Metroid

Samus Aran is a cool character and her adventures definitely have a lot of potential. She explores interesting planets and battling space pirates!

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The main concern that I have, and the main reason why I think it won’t happen, is that Samus is a solitary character. Metroid games are about exploration while isolated from other characters. This doesn’t really do much to help make an interesting film.

With that said, Nintendo is expanding the Metroid lore through their new game Metroid Prime Federation Force so there might be something there that will make make a film possible.

The Legend of Zelda

Super Smash Brothers Characters - Link

Link – The Legend of Zelda

Nintendo would have to be very careful with a Legend of Zelda movie. The games have built a huge (and rabid) fan base over the years and they will not react well if it isn’t done correctly. To make matters even more complicated: it isn’t even super obvious what “correct” means for a Legend of Zelda movie.

It does have a lot of potential though. High fantasy is en vogue right now and most of it is geared towards adults. This would give families an option.

Animal Crossing

Super Smash Brothers Characters - Villager

Villager – Animal Crossing

This would just be adorable and would lend itself to just about any kind of story Nintendo wanted to tell. If Angry Birds can justify the script for a two hour feature film, then the charming characters from Animal Crossing can justify a trilogy.

What do you think about my suggestions? What suggestions do YOU have? Sound off in the comments!

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