Color Cube Sudoku by Thinkfun is a single player puzzle game.  It is a spin on the traditional Sudoku by utilizing colors instead of numbers, and allowing players to physically manipulate the colors to find solutions to the puzzle.  This is a logic game recommended for ages 8 to adult.  


  • 1Display Tray
  • 9 Color Cubes


The gameplay mechanics are quite simple, however, it is challenging to find a solution.  To play you flip, rotate, and rearrange the cubes in the tray until no colors are repeated in a row in any direction.  This follows the same core mechanics of traditional Sudoku by having there be no numbers repeated in a row.  Per the box, there are “2 trillion color combinations,  more than half a million solutions”.  For those who enjoy logic puzzles there are Bonus Pattern Challenges you can incorporate into the game, which include: No diagonals, Big X (creating a x using two colors), Outer Box( (two colors form a square diamond), and Long Knight’s Path (reference to the knight in chess, form 4 cubes in a row and one to the right or left with six squares of the same color).


Family Game Assessment

This is a fun puzzle that is appropriate for the whole family and can be done as a single player or cooperatively. This game is recommended for ages 8 to adult, and for the challenges of the logical reasoning involved and the abstract thinking 8 and up is a good recommendation.  However, since there is no reading involved and the pieces are large and easy to handle this could also be used by younger members of the family with support. This would be a good tool to play together and scaffold the logical thinking process for children. This would allow them to see the productive struggle through trial and error needed to reach a solution.  



Color Cube Sudoku is a kinesthetic logical reasoning puzzle game that is good for a wide range of ages.  For families that enjoy puzzles this is a great addition to their collection.  This could also be a light hearted way to introduce puzzle games and the Sudoku mechanics to the whole family.

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By Linda Wrobel

Managing Editor: Board Games Mother, Educator, and Board Game Editor.

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