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This week Stephen and Linda are here to talk about board games with Gwen and Sam from Runaway Parade Games. It’s all about Fire Tower and the upcoming expansion coming to Kickstarter.

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Rising Flame – the expansion to Fire Tower

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Music from https://filmmusic.io

“Android Sock Hop” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)

License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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Here are all the video game releases rated E-T by the ESRB that are releasing between May 3rd and May 9th.

Tuesday, May 5th:

  • Pushy and Pully in Blockland- Xbox One
  • Tonight We Riot- Switch

Wednesday, May 6th:

  • Zombies Ruined My Day- Xbox One

Thursday, May 7th:

  • 80’s Overdrive- Switch
  • Cloudbase Prime- Switch
  • Fledgling Heroes- Switch
  • Gerritory- Switch
  • Ghost Files: Memory of a Crime- Switch
  • Infinite: Beyond the Mind- PS4, Xbox One, Switch
  • Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl- Switch
  • Lonely Mountains: Downhill- Switch
  • Monochrome World- Switch
  • Relic Hunters Zero: Remix- Switch
  • Slayin 2- Switch
  • Spirit of the North- Switch
  • Tennis Club Story- Switch

Friday, May 8th:

  • Dark Burial- Switch
  • Feathery Ears- Switch
  • Fury Unleashed- PS4, Xbox One, Switch
  • Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes- Xbox One
  • Megabyte Punch- Switch
  • Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition- Xbox One
  • SuperMash- PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Saturday, May 9th:

  • Highrise Heroes: Word Challenge- Switch

Jeff’s Pick of the Week

My pick of the week goes to SuperMash. This game was announced back in December during a Nindies World Showcase by Nintendo and I have been waiting patiently for it to be released. In SuperMash, you take two genres of games and combine them into a game that is generated by SuperMash. There are countless options of games to play. You can play a stealth JRPG, an action-adventure metroidvainia (called metrovania in the game). Or maybe you just want a simple platformer shooter. All of these can be created through the algorithms of the game. I cannot wait to see what games will be created! You can even share your game codes with a friend to try and beat!

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Make sure to keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for all of the latest news and reviews you need to Get Your Family Game On!

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Here are all the video game releases rated E-T by the ESRB that are releasing between April 5th and April 11th.

Tuesday, April 7th

  • Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories- PS4, Switch
  • Grimvalor- Switch

Wednesday, April 8th

  • Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike- PS4, Xbox One, Switch
  • Galaxy of Pen and Paper +1 Edition- Xbox One, Switch
  • Pen and Paper Games Bundle- Switch
  • Towertale- Switch
  • Ubongo- Switch

Thursday, April 9th

  • Beholder 2- Xbox One
  • Bridge! 3- Switch
  • Fight of Animals- Switch
  • Gunbrick: Reloaded- Switch
  • Monster Viator- Switch

Friday, April 10th

  • BQM: BlockQuest Maker- Xbox One
  • Braveland Trilogy- Xbox One
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake- PS4
  • Obduction- Xbox One
  • Retro Tanks- Xbox One
  • RMX Real Motocross- Switch

Saturday, April 11th

  • Space Engineers- Xbox One
  • Tharsis- Switch

Jeff’s Pick of the Week

Finally! After almost five years since it was announced, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be in our hands. I cannot wait to dive into Cloud’s story and interact with all of the other characters along the way. I am not a huge fan of the original game and I do not think it aged very well, but I do respect its importance to gaming history. I tried to play the original on Switch last year, but could not get myself to finish it. I only got out of Midgar, which is where this game is going to end. I cannot wait to see the upgraded graphics and what they have included to fill out the story of Cloud, Barret, and Aerith.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Make sure to keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for all of the latest news and reviews you need to Get Your Family Game On!

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Another decade has come and gone. We played more games than we could ever name, but there were ten of them that stood out above the rest. Take a look below for our list of the best family friendly video games of the 2010s!



The number one game on our list of the best family games of the decade is Minecraft!

It stands at the top, not just because it is one of the best selling video games of all time, but because it has managed to be the default game for so many of our kids for almost the entirety of the last decade.

Minecraft manages to be a learning game, a creative tool, and a survival horror game all at once. This is an unbeatable achievement.

Even more surprising is the fact that Minecraft has been continually evolving the entire time. Fans who step away from the game for any considerable amount of time return to find new systems and features. They added bees and beehives just this past month!

Minecraft is, without question, the only game that could sit at the top of this list. In fact, it’s arguable that it could hold a place at the top of the list if we extended it back to the beginning of video games. It is just that good.


Do I think Fortnite is a better game than some of the others on this list? No.

But, is stands at number two because of its unquestionable impact on the games industry and on our kids since it’s release.

Fortnite has provided a digital playground for millions of kids and let them connect with their peers in a more family friendly environment than in Call of Duty lobbies.

Our kids play the game. They do the dances. They compare achievements. And they have all collectively created a new language while they were at it.

Detractors will say it’s a bad game, but they are wrong. It’s a great game that commits to providing a consistent stream of content with a fun core mechanic. I’d say that everyone needs to give Fortnite a shot, but I have a feeling that everyone already has.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Logo

There is, arguably, no other game in history that has had the real world impact that Pokémon Go has.

Millions of players have caught Pokémon since its release and, while it has slowed down, it shows no signs of going away.

The summer launch of Pokémon Go caused huge crowds to assemble at parks, historical sites, and even businesses.

Pokémon Go players, in short order, logged enough miles walking to catch and hatch Pokémon that it equaled the distance to Pluto! (Which is very far away, obviously).

This kind of release will likely never happen again, and there is no doubt it was one of the best gaming experiences we’ve had this decade.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Long time EFG fans will know that this is one of my favorite games of all time and that means that the games above it have to be pretty significant in order to leave Breath of the Wild in the 4th spot. That isn’t to say that this isn’t one of, if not THE, best video games Nintendo has ever made though.

Breath of the https://engagedfamilygaming.com/reviews/family-video-game-review-legend-zelda-breath-wild/Wild was our game of the year in 2017 and it faced stiff competition from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

It earned its place because it took the Legend of Zelda franchise in a bold new direction by eschewing the linear path of item collection and temple dungeon completion in favor of an open world that could be tackled in any order. Open world games are by no means new, but this was a welcome addition to Zelda and I can’t wait to see where they take it next.

Shovel Knight 

Shovel Knight Moonshot

This wily Kickstarter from 2013 is still alive and kicking. In fact, Yacht Club Games just released the last parts of the Shovel Knight Treasure Trove this past month.

Shovel Knight does an amazing job of taking all of the things that we love about old school platformers like Mega Man, Duck Tales, and even Castlevania and smashing them together into a wonderful, cohesive whole.

Shovel Knight is a fun protagonist whose adventures are silly more often than not, but packs some serious challenge. The other games in the treasure trove are all wonderful and feature different knights from the first game in their own wild adventures; each with their own mechanics and stories.

It’s hard to find a better value than Shovel Knight Treasure Trove and it is easy to recommend it to anyone, especially folks looking for an old school challenge!

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man was our game of the year in 2018, and would easily hold its own against other games of the year that we’ve announced in the past.

Insomniac Games was the perfect developer to bring the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to life. They were able to capture the true essence of what makes Spider-Man a fun hero to watch and to play: the traversal.

Swinging around New York City looking for backpacks, finding crimes to fight, and battling with super villains was a blast from the very first second until It’s emotional end.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The phrase, “Let’s settle it in Smash!” is very common in our house, and I can’t imagine that it is uncommon elsewhere.

The Super Smash Bros. series has been around since the Nintendo 64 era and it continually grows in scope and in popularity. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lives up to his name and its fan base is huge as it is the best selling fighting game of all time.

There are obviously members of the Super Smash Bros. community that prefer earlier games like Super Smash Bros. Melee. But, as far as we’re concerned it is the best game in the series.

It’s often difficult to recommend fighting games to anything other than fighting game fans. Smash is the exception I can recommend this game to anyone that owns a Nintendo switch and feel comfortable that they will enjoy it.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

This is an “oldie,” compared to some of the other games on this list, but it’s no less amazing.

Super Mario Galaxy flipped the Mario formula on its head by turning every level into a sphere (or series of spheres connected through space). This created all sorts of interesting design space for the designers to mess with.

Each new “planet” was a joy to behold.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 came along in 2010 and took that same formula and turned the volume up to 11. It improved the original in every single way AND added Yoshi to the mix.

I sit awake at night wondering why Nintendo hasn’t remastered this one and put it on the Switch, because it would be an amazing addition to the systems already stacked lineup.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Link Legend of Zelda Mario Kart 8

The Mario Kart series has slowly grown to be the biggest game in their stable of exclusives. Ever iteration is met with thunderous excitement and delivers fun that the entire family can enjoy!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the definitive version of the very best that the franchise has to offer.

Every track is masterfully created (or recreated) and the music is jazzy and fun in all the right ways!

Not only that, but the deluxe version includes the DLC that introduced Link and Isabelle to Mario Kart and made the case for the next game to just be called, “Nintendo Kart.”

This is the first game I recommend to families who buy the Nintendo Switch. It is an absolute must own.

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

It is impossible to talk about the biggest family games of the last ten years without starting with Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and his friends kicked off the entire toys to life genre and initiated an entire generation of gamers with its light action RPG gameplay.

Countless families (including us!) still have bins upon bins of these figures just waiting for their kids to have a bout of nostalgia.

The Toys to Life craze is definitely over, and lots of parents are happy about it, but there is no denying the impact it had. 

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Make sure to keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for all of the latest news and reviews you need to Get Your Family Game On!

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It’s that time of year again. Finding great gifts for people can be tough. Here are some of our Nintendo recommendations for the kids in your life!

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

The 8th generation of Pokemon is upon us! Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the perfect gifts for the Pokemon fans in your family. These games can easily provide a hundred or more hours of entertainment, and these newer games will likely include even more! Sword and Shield are the first Pokemon games released on a home Nintendo console so they look great, but, as always, they are right at home on the go.

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 is one of the best creative tools for young and adult gamers alike. This game lets you create Super Mario Levels from across the history of Nintendo, with a well made tutorial that offers plenty of new ideas. Players can browse player made content by individual creator or in an endless mode that select levels based on difficulty. Super Mario Maker 2 is easily the best level creation experience for the Nintendo Switch.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a shot for shot remake of a game (by the same name) that was released on the Game Boy Color in 1993. This version released in September with an adorable new art style and an orchestral soundtrack. This is a perfect gift for Zelda fans that are too young to have played the original AND for those of us looking for a chance to relive our glory days. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

If your child spent hours arranging all of their Imaginext toys in massive battles, then Fire Emblem is worth a look. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a strategy game set in a sword and sorcery themed academy for heroes. (It’s not exactly Hogwarts for Dungeons and Dragons characters, but it’s pretty close.) Battles play out on massive fields where you move your different characters around strategically to take advantage of enemy weaknesses. This is a challenging game, and the characters are teenagers (so they come with the appropriate thematic baggage), but it ends up as a T-rated game. 

Steamworld Quest: The Hand of Gilgamech

All of the Steamworld games are amazing, but this is easily one of my favorites. Steamworld Quest is a friendly RPG where you control a team of robots during a fantasy/steampunk era.  The combat is card-based. You build a 24 card deck using a card pool determined by which robots are in your party. Every fight turns into a puzzle that is very satisfying to solve. The story is also relatively short so this will be a great game for Holiday break!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

It’s tough to find a kid that doesn’t love Marvel super heroes and Ultimate Alliance 3 has a TON of them. Ultimate Alliance 3 is a celebration of recent Marvel history that has a character just about every kid will enjoy. MUA3 is a paint by numbers action RPG for up to four players. It doesn’t do anything revolutionary, but it doesn’t really need to in order to be a great gift. 

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Every year I get asked about video game gifts for younger gamers. Yoshi’s Crafted World is this year’s answer to that question. It’s adorable. It’s simple to control. And it’s engaging. This will be a great game to share with the younger siblings/cousins who might not be ready for bigger challenges just yet. 

Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo has made fitness games before. Wii Fit (and the Wii Fit Balance board) where huge hits back when they came out. Ring Fit Adventure is their latest attempt to break into that scene on the Nintendo Switch. Ring Fit Adventure is an RPG adventure where you move around the world by running in place, and attack monsters by completing exercises using a specially designed pilates band. The story isn’t anything to write home about, but its good enough to help motivate players to complete a short workout every day. 

Untitled Goose Game

(Honk)… A PC game that charmed the Internet with its simplicity, Untitled Goose Game is best described (without spoilers) as an environmental puzzle game. You are a goose, with the mind of mischief and the talents of a… goose. You have a list of things to do, and no idea how to do them. Our advice is to pick it up on Steam as a gift for the holidays and enjoy the mayhem. 

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled is a painstakingly crafted remaster of several Crash Team Racing games that were released on PS1 and PS2. This is a challenging cart racer that will be a big hit with fans of Mario Kart 8 that are looking for more challenge. This a feature rich remaster with 31 tracks, numerous cosmetic items, and a full-fledged story mode. It’s definitely worth looking into for your family. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi doesn’t get the spotlight very often. That honor is normally reserved for his brother Mario. The Luigi’s Mansion series is the exception. These spooky adventures feature Luigi while he tries to rescue his lost brother from King Boo. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is out now for the Switch and includes a lot more variety in the environments because it takes place in a massive haunted hotel. This will be a great game for kids who love to explore and solve puzzles. (Note: This game is definitely more silly than it is spooky so don’t be super concerned about kids getting scared.)

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Make sure to keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for all of the latest news and reviews you need to Get Your Family Game On!

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What is it?

Disney+ is the Walt Disney Company’s newest streaming platform that will have movies and television shows from all of the different brands that Disney owns. This includes Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, Pixar, and of course the Walt Disney Studios. Disney+ will even have movies and shows from their newest acquisition, 21st Century Fox. 

How much does it cost?

You can sign up for Disney+ for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. There were also deals that you can find if you are Disney Visa Card holder or a D23 member. If you are a Verizon Wireless Unlimited member you can receive a year of Disney+ for free with your membership. You can also bundle Disney+ with Hulu (with ads) and ESPN plus for $12.99 a month. 

What devices can I get it on?

Disney+ has been said to be streamed on many major platforms including Roku sticks and televisions, Apple TV, iPhones, iPads, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. At this time, Disney+ has not been announced to work Fire TV Sticks, but Disney has said that they want to bring it to all major streaming devices. 

What features are included with Disney+?

Disney+ allows up to 4K digital streaming and every Disney+ account will be able to stream on up to 4 devices at a time with no additional cost. The app will also allow for downloading of titles so that you can watch them without an internet connection. 

Now for the most important question…

What will be available on launch day?

Disney+ will launch with over 300 movies and shows available on day one. Included in the bunch are almost all of Disney Animation movies (what happened to Tarzan), Disney television shows including the Disney Afternoon shows from the 80s and 90s, every Pixar movie released up until Cars 3, every Star Wars movie up until Rogue One, and a handful of shows from National Geographic and Marvel. 

What are the new shows being released on the app?

Along with Disney’s back catalog of shows and movies dating back to the 1920s and 1930s, Disney also plans to have steady releases of new content as well. Some of the new shows and movies announced that will be released on day 1 include The Mandalorian (Star Wars), a Lady and the Tramp live action remake, The Imagineering Story, and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Disney has announced that their new releases will forego the Netflix model and instead of releasing the whole season at once, they will release each episode separately. 

Is this only for kids?

Disney+ can be enjoyed by the whole family. Disney did say that nothing rated R will be available on the service. To watch more adult based shows and movies (like Deadpool), you will have to turn to Hulu. But there are shows that adults can enjoy as well. Most of the National Geographic documentaries are catered towards adults. Also, every episode from the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons will be available. You can also find more adult orientated movies like 3 Men and a Baby and 10 Things I Hate About You on the service. 

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Make sure to keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for all of the latest news and reviews you need to Get Your Family Game On!

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Tiny Ninjas is a heads-up two player card game where players take turns playing ninja cards in an attempt to deal damage to their opponent. One of its coolest features is a transforming game box that not only stores the game components, but makes it portable so you can take your ninja battle anywhere (even in the car!)

How Do You Play?

Players are dealt five card hands. They then take turns as the either attacker or the defender as they play cards into the arena. The attacked goes first by playing a card, follower by the defender. Then the damage is resolved by comparing the two cards (and any associated die rolls). The attacker can continue to play cards from their hand to try and deal extra damage, but they have to be careful because the player on defense can draw back up to their starting hand size when they switch roles, but the attacker cannot. That hand management is crucial.

The Tiny Ninjas website features several wonderful how to play videos that are even highlighted in their rulebook.


Tiny Ninjas is meant to be a portable board game experience so everything is made with that in mind. The box would likely survive being hit by a car (although we didn’t specifically test that). The cards are of great quality that won’t bend easily. The custom dice are large enough that they are easy to find when dropped in the back seat of a car (we did, unfortunately, test that).

The component list includes the following:

58 Ninja cards
2 reference cards
1 shuriken die
1 kunai die
2 connector walls
2 health dials
4 sensei markers
1 transforming game box
1 rulebook

Is it a kid’s game?

The box says the game is for ages 8+ and I agree. In fact, I think game savvy kids could play this game at any age as long as they are familiar with numbers.

Tiny Ninjas does include an advanced rule set that will need to be reserved for more skilled players/readers, but the base game has very little reading at all.

Will kids want to play it?

We live in a world that is crowded by two player card combat games that cover all sorts of themes. Tiny Ninjas does a great job of battling its way to the top of the heap.

First, it is impossible to talk about this game without addressing the art style. Put simply, we loved it. Ninjas will always be a hit in our house, but the Tiny Ninjas took things to another level. My youngest was actually disappointed to find out that it wasn’t a licensed game with a Netflix show to binge watch. The characters all share the same template (tiny body, giant round head), but they were still infused with personality.

Second, Tiny Ninjas is surprisingly deep. I mentioned hand management above, but it is worth mentioning again. Managing your hand to ensure that you are applying pressure to your opponent while also leaving yourself cards to defend yourself is very important. The cards don’t all deal static amounts of damage, because of their reliance on dice rolls. This means that, at any time, your opponent could draw into a very explosive hand. It is incredibly risky to empty your entire hand on offense. As we play tested the game for our review, we found that there was never a right answer. The different card combinations kept anyone from “solving” the game.

Lastly, we really enjoyed the fact that this small box included, essentially, two games in one. The advanced ninja rules add another layer of depth by allowing players to use more complex ninja cards and play with cool Sensei Abilities. These add even more complex decision to the gameplay.


Tiny Ninjas is a great addition to your board game collection. I particularly recommend it for families looking for additional options on long road trips. The transforming box is made of thick cardboard and easily set up in the back set of a car to keep kids occupied without electronic devices.

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This week Stephen and Amanda have a cozy fireside chat as they talk about some of the biggest news to hit the video games this past week. They talk about their impressions of Anthem, and the surprise release of Apex Legends.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH-sdDjYr28[/embedyt]

This is a cooperative venture with SuperParent.com!

Make sure to keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for all of the latest news and reviews you need to Get Your Family Game On!

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Check out this episode!

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Card battling games have been a popular genre for decades (arguably as long as playing cards have existed). We have seen countless variations on similar themes. A handful of those variations succeed and others have fallen short. Alliance The Card Game is one of the few that rise above the rest.

When I first started writing reviews I was taught to frame my review as a comparison of execution vs. expectations. This way I would avoid comparing a game to others in the genre. In essence, I am looking to compare the game to an idealized version of itself. (Please forgive the navel-gazing. I promise I’m getting to the point.) Alliance the Card game succeeds because it does exactly what it promises that it should do. It is a straight forward card game that is easy to set up and tear down. It is also, most importantly, a game that is so simple to learn that young kids can take it out and teach each other to play with no outside intervention.

That last point is super critical for me. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have been pulled away from another game, or from another activity to have to walk my younger kids through games or to help them teach their friends how to play. Alliance solves for that problem by being simple enough to be taught by a kindergartener.

This ease of use doesn’t come at the expense of quality either. Players are treated to an interesting battle game with some strategic decisions to be made. The cards feature amazing art in a new, but familiar, sword and sorcery setting.

It is worth mentioning that this Kickstarter is for a Starter Kit that will only feature two armies. The intention is to design and sell more cards and card sets is expansions that will help deepen the strategy of the game.

Alliance The Card Game plays with two players ages 6+. Each player plays with a 35 card deck that includes a Leader, generals, and various warriors. Play begins by placing the leaders in their respective places on the game board. Players then take turns taking cards from the top of their deck and placing them in one of five spaces towards the center of the board.

The real action takes place once the front rows of each side of the board have been filled. Players take turns activating two of their five active creatures to attack creatures on the other side of the board. Activation is straight forward; you choose a character and then roll a metal die. If the number that comes up matches an attack number on the card, then damage is dealt to the target.

When cards are defeated they are moved to the slain pile. Each player can only replace one card per turn so the goal is to put the pressure on and get ahead. Once all five spaces have been cleared you have a chance to attack the enemy leader.


If you back Alliance the Card Game at $39 on Kickstarter, then you will get the base game. There is a $44 pledge level that includes the designer’s autograph.

If you and your family are looking for a straight forward card battling game set in a sword and sorcery setting, then I think this will be a great addition to your collection.

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Animal Kingdoms a beautiful area control and hand management game. It is the first game from Galactic Raptor Games, which is the joint company of veteran game publishers Carla Kopp and Dan Letzring.   They applied their skills in game publishing to select Animal Kingdom by Steven Aramini as the first game.  This game has stunning art and is one to check out here on Kickstarter.  Their game is fully funded and you can get a copy for $29.

Can you give us a “Tale of the Tape” for your game? The title, genre, playtime, age ranges, etc. 

Animal Kingdoms is a hand-management and area control game for 1-5 players, ages 8+, playable in 45 minutes.

What is the elevator pitch?

In Animal Kingdoms, each player takes on the role of a house leader, battling to gain control of the five kingdoms. Cards in your hand represent noble beasts that have pledged their allegiance to you. Over the course of three ages, you must deploy your beasts to the various territories – making sure that you adhere to each kingdom’s decree – to try and improve your influential position in the kingdoms. The house that gains the most influence by the end of the third age is declared the one true leader of the realm.

When is your Kickstarter going live?

It went live January 8th and runs to February 1st.

Where are you in production/development? How close are you to complete? 

We are very close to complete, it is basically done.

Are there any other games that you think are comparable to your game? 

Ethnos, Worlds Fair

You’re a game designer. You could have made any game you wanted. Why did you make THIS game? 

We saw potential during the pitching of this game for something that could connect with many levels of gamers, hardcore gamers, families, kids, adults, anyone. Games with a fresh gameplay style, simple rule set but depth of strategy are a must publish when you come across them!

What is the number one reason why a family MUST purchase this game?

It has a very simple core rule-set ensuring understanding for gamers of all skill levels but it also requires a lot of planning and in game strategy ensuring that everyone at the table can get out of the game what they put into it!

How long has this game been in development? 

1.5 years

What obstacles did you encounter making this game? 

Our biggest challenge was dealing with tie-breakers. We tried many different methods from placement tie-breakers, to war-style card playing, to friendly ties. This was probably our biggest hurdle in development.

What did your first prototype look like? 

It was pretty good actually. Steven Aramini is the designer and he works hard at making very playable and intuitive prototypes. He hand crafts quality components and makes sure to leave a lasting impression with his works.

Why did you get into making games? 

To encourage family and friends to have face-to-face interaction at the table with games!
What other information do you want us to know about you, your company, and/or your game?
Although this is Galactic Raptor’s first game, the company is formed by Carla Kopp of Weird Giraffe and Dan Letzring of Letiman Games. Between us, we have already produced 12 games combined for our own companies.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Make sure to keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for all of the latest news and reviews you need to Get Your Family Game On!

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