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The original Octopath Traveler was announced alongside the Nintendo Switch to great fanfare. It had a unique art style that mixed pixel art sprites and buildings with HD assets like flowing water, swirling sand, and amazing lighting effects. It really was a sight to behold.

That name, however, was very confusing until it launched. But, now we understand that is explains the formula for the plot and gameplay. The game features 8 protagonists as they gather together and travel across the world to complete their stories. This was a novel concept but left a lot to be desired.

Octopath Traveler 2 fixes all of the first game’s deficits. The art style is gorgeous (in fact the lighting on the PS5 version is among the best I have seen).  The protagonists are all very interesting (they include a merchant who wants to end all poverty, and a mage who wants to prove his innocence after being framed for murder!)

I’ll start with the obvious. OT2 is a turn-based RPG where you build a party of characters and move around on a map dealing with random encounters as you go from place to place. This is a tried and true formula that has been in place since the Nintendo era. This is an archaic design compared to modern RPGs that often put the monsters on the map itself to encounter (and potentially avoid), but it was very nostalgic for me.

Once you get past the archaic parts, the game’s design sings. The goal in combat is to overcome each opponent’s defenses and “stagger” them. You do this by damaging them with attacks that they are weak against (Like spears, or ice magic). This makes every fight into a puzzle while you poke at the enemy to find their weaknesses only to exploit them. This is particularly fun in the epic boss fights where you need to Stagger the bosses in order to prevent them from pulling off massive (and often fight-ending) attacks.

The story is also more interesting this time as the characters interact with each other’s stories more often. They aren’t exactly entangled. But each of the eight stories comes to an interesting conclusion (even if they aren’t all surprising).

Once the stories are complete there is an end-game segment featuring a series of boss encounters that are among the most challenging fights I have ever had in an RPG. They are long, and tactical, and really pushed my knowledge of the game mechanics to the limit. (When you get here… don’t take them lightly. One of them was more than a half-hour long!)

Can Kids Play Octopath Traveler 2?

This is a challenging game that requires a lot of reading and navigating menus in order to play. This, at the very least, makes it impossible for anyone without advanced reading skills.

Advanced readers will be in better shape, but then will then have to contend with puzzle-like combat. This is no small feat as each enemy in the game needs to be hit by a specific combination of weapon or magic attacks in order to “Break” and take more damage. This is particularly important for the game’s boss battles. They are all but impossible to beat if you can’t figure out the puzzle.

Should Kids Play Octopath Traveler 2?

Octopath Traveler 2 was rated T for Teen by the ESRB. It was assigned the rating descriptors of Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, and Use of Alcohol and Tobacco.

The ESRB Rating Summary is available on the entry on the ESRB site. But, the highlights are below.

There is some mild violence in the game. The violence is abstracted by pixel art, but it is there.

Cutscenes sometimes depict small defenseless characters killed by bladed weapons. Swords or bags are sometimes depicted with blood stains.

The suggestive material is likely where a lot of parents till take issue. Octopath Traveler is not a Pokemon game. These characters are, mostly, all adults so they do encounter some mature situations. Nothing graphic is shown, said, or discussed, but the passage from the ESRB description below should explain the worst of things.

The game contains some suggestive material: a female character designed with low-cut clothing and deep cleavage; dialogue such as “…another brothel girl…[H]ow about entertaining us instead? I’m sure you’ll find us more satisfying than the lord himself”; “After you downed three full glasses of wine, you and I got up to all sorts of naughty hijinks”; “Why don’t you come have some fun with us?…[W]e were told we could have our way with you…”).

There are some alcohol and cigarette references as well. These are abstracted by pixel art in a similar way that violence is.

Characters are sometimes depicted drinking liquor and/or hiccupping and drunk; one scene depicts a character smoking a cigarette.

There is mild language spread throughout the game, but nothing appears in OT2 that hasn’t been in most Marvel movies.

The words “p*ssed” and “bastard” appear in the game.


This isn’t going to be a perfect game in every house, but any families that have an affinity for old-school JRPGs will definitely want to check this one out. It’s a great experience.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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There are plenty of examples of board games gone digital or digital games coming to tabletop. For mechanics-driven video games like Dorfromantik (“Village Romance”), porting over to physical board games is a natural fit. 

This idyllic city-builder puzzle game got its start in early access in 2021 on Steam before a full release in 2022. Alongside the full release, Dorfromantik also released in board game form. And finally, in 2023, Dorfromantik was awarded the Spiel des Jahres (a special tabletop award for family-friendly games) as Game of the Year. 

But what even is Dorfromantik?

Both versions of the game, have the player (or players) work to fulfill the people’s wishes for population concentration, forest composition, fields, and even rivers and tracks. Creating expansive rivers and long tracks is an important piece of succeeding in Dorfromantik. Your tiles will only continue to unlock as long as you’re generating points. If your “Village Romance” stagnates in its point-generation, you’re not going to be able to proceed to unlock the next biome. 


Another important piece of Dorfromantik’s mechanics is to keep “flags” in mind to optimize points. The flags demarcate “enclosed areas” that encourage players to keep closed with tile placement. In the board game version of Dorfromantik, you can replay the campaign and unlock new tiles from “secret” boxes. 

It’s a hexagonal tile-placement game in both its forms, encouraging players to optimize their tiles in relation to the game’s current objectives as well as building out Dorfromantik’s biomes. In digital, Dorfromantik is a single-player experience. In board game form, you can play it alone or with up to six players. 

Final Thoughts

Dorfromantik has a gentle learning curve but gets progressively more difficult depending on how players choose to optimize their tile placements in both versions of the game. 
The video game plays best on handheld. So pick it up on either Nintendo Switch or Steam (if you have a Steam Deck). The board game’s recent Spiel des Jahres win will show up on the new board game versions starting this year, but will mostly be available in brick and mortar stores (as opposed to Amazon). 

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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There’s no doubt that Barbie is the hottest movie in theaters right now. Who doesn’t want to paint their whole world Malibu Barbie hot pink and hop in their bright pink convertible like it’s 1994? 

Barbie’s glossy glamor may be the pink wave that every little girl dreams about, but it got us here at EFG wondering: where are all of the good Barbie games? Sure, we have Star Stables, but that’s hardly Barbie material. (Although it’s a great game.) In the early 2000s, we had a deluge of Barbie games that tied in with (sometimes surprisingly good) Barbie movies and television shows. These games were often nonsensical license cash grabs that were the very definition of garbage. 

All Barbie games aren’t made equal, mind you. 

There have been a number of low-key, enjoyable, and downright gender-critical Barbie games that have come out over the years. 

Barbie and the Three Musketeers was probably the last truly great Barbie game and it came out way back in 2009. Since then, Barbie games have mostly turned to mobile for their fanbase and their content ideas. 

Barbie’s Dreamhouse Adventures (mobile) and Barbie Fashion Closet (mobile) are both social simulator games that allow Barbie fans to live out their hot-pink drenched Barbie dreams on their phones. Dreamhouse Adventures is a bit more narrative-driven, allowing players to really immerse themselves in Barbie’s Dreamhouse world. Barbie Fashion Closet is all about dressing Barbie up in digital spaces (without needing to buy all of her clothes… because that adds up pretty quickly).

There are also a bunch of web-only Barbie games, but tread with caution there. These are either very old games or are not official Mattel titles. 

New Game Coming?

With all of the success that Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie is garnering, perhaps we’re heading towards a new Barbie game that will give Barbie fans, new and old, a fresh set of adventures into that world. 

Imagine a Barbie rogue-lite where Barbie and her friends “dungeon dive” in Malibu to unlock new outfits and new careers together. Or perhaps a party-driven RPG for Barbie and friends. Honestly, the options are endless. We hope that some innovative studio somewhere with the cash money for a licensed project will embrace the hot pink messiness of Barbie and friends to give us what we deserve: a Barbie game that is just as subversive as the movie itself.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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Playing the actual stock market is a magnanimous task and, quite frankly, isn’t really for kids. But hey, since the Fire Nation is currently attacking the world at large, it’s a great time to understand microeconomics and how investing works… but on a much, much smaller scale. After all, how else are you going to pay off Tom Nook’s multiple home loans in Animal Crossing if not by gaming the system?

Let’s begin!

What is the Stalk Market in Animal Crossing: New Horizon?

Once your island reaches a place where your Resident Services is no longer operating out of a tent and is, in fact, in a proper building, in addition to Nook’s Cranny moving into a building of its own, the stalk market will open up. Every Sunday morning, from 5am and 12pm, Daisy Mae (sounds like Fanny Mae, for those of us who remember that nonsense) will visit your island and sell turnips for anywhere between 90 and 110 bells. 

You’ll be able to spot Daisy Mae by the turnips on her head. She’ll wander your island from early morning until noon. 

After you’ve purchased your turnips for the week, the Nook boys, Timmy and Tommy, will buy them for you for a wide range of bells (I once sold my turnips for 560 bells per stack of 10). If you’re looking to store your turnips, you can put them in your house (in stacks of 10) or somewhere on your island, but it will affect your island rating as turnips count as “random” items. 

They will rot on Sunday morning, if you don’t manage to sell them by then. Or, if you decide to “time travel” and artificially move time forward to a week (or more) in the future.

What’s the purpose of the Stalk Market?

Put simply: to earn some bells and pay off your Nook island mortgage(s), in addition to putting money away for island infrastructure (bridges, inclines, and decorations). Beyond that, it’s a “push your luck” kind of mini-game that teaches folks to pay attention to patterns in turnip prices on your island. 

How do you know when to sell your turnips?

There are a few different ways to determine when is the best time to sell your turnips. If you’re curious about how the turnip price patterns may work on your island, Polygon has an excellent guide to understanding what turnip trends are in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If you’re looking to track turnip prices on your island, you can use Turnip Prophet. Turnip Prophet allows you to input your turnip prices throughout the week and will help you to better understand the Stalk Market patterns on your island. There’s a graph with labels on what every data point means, too. 

If you’re looking to branch out and look to other people and their islands for turnip prices, both for purchasing and for selling with the Nook Boys, you can use Turnip Exchange. Hosts open their islands with Dodo Codes — special codes that you type in to visit people who aren’t on your Animal Crossing friend list — and you can join a queue to visit and sell at a higher price than what you might be able to sell on your own island. 

What’s the purpose of being a “turnip host”?

If your turnip prices spike, opening up your island to family and friends is kind of a no-brainer. Share the wealth and everyone ends up happier as a result. Opening up your island to strangers is a bit more of a risk, especially if you don’t want people harvesting your fruit or you don’t have it set up with fences to funnel people where you want them to go. 


Sharing the wealth often means that folks will leave you tips in bells, which means that when they sell for big money, you may get a slice of that. It’s really up to the folks that are visiting. 

What happens if the turnips “go bad”?

You lose them. They’re gone. You make no money off of them. 

The most important thing to remember is it’s better to take a major hit to your investment than for you to make zero return on your investment. So, when it comes to Saturday afternoon, make sure that you sell your turnips for something, rather than let them rot in your inventory or your house.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts and strategies!

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Looking for information about how multiplayer works in Animal Crossing? Check out our guide here!

Our new player tips for Animal Crossing are here!

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Mortal Kombat 12 is coming soon and it is going to be everywhere. It may not garner the national attention of a game like Grand Theft Auto 6, but it is a high enough profile that everyone who is into games will be aware of it (especially our kids). There will be clips of the violence all over social media, and streamers will be playing it like mad. This is going to influence a lot of kids (maybe even your own) to ask for it. Below is all the information we have about it so far so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to let your kids play.

What We Know About Mortal Kombat 12 So Far

All that we know about Mortal Kombat 12 is that it is in development and will be released by the end of the year.

The MK team released a video on 05/01/2023 that hinted at things to come!

What is the Mortal Kombat 12 Release Date?

We don’t have a confirmed release date yet. We don’t even really have a release window yet. There is still a lot of 2023 left though, so it is possible it could release this year if it is announced during the summer.

What Kind of Game is it?

Mortal Kombat is a popular video game franchise that has been around since the early 90s. At its core, Mortal Kombat is a fighting game that features a cast of characters with unique abilities and move sets. Players fight against each other in one-on-one battles until one player is declared the winner. The game is known for its emphasis on gore and violence, with finishing moves (fatalities) that are designed to be graphic and over-the-top.

One of the core MK elements that draw a lot of attention is the Fatality system. Each best-of-three match ends with an opportunity for the victor to input a special move and be “rewarded” with an intensely violent animated scene where their character kills their opponent. These fatalities are so brutal that I honestly can’t even embed a video.

Franchise Popularity

Despite the controversy surrounding the franchise, Mortal Kombat remains popular among gamers. The franchise has sold over 49 million copies worldwide and has become a cultural icon in the gaming community. Fans eagerly await the release of each new installment, and Mortal Kombat 12 is no exception.

The Potential ESRB Rating for Mortal Kombat 12

One of the biggest concerns surrounding Mortal Kombat is the potential ESRB rating. The ESRB is the organization responsible for assigning age ratings to video games. Games are rated based on their content, with ratings ranging from “Everyone” to “Adults Only.” While we don’t know what rating Mortal Kombat 12 will receive, previous installments in the franchise have received “Mature” ratings. They simply are not intended for children. I can’t imagine a world where Mortal Kombat 12 doesn’t receive an M rating after review.

The only exception to the M ratings for MK games was a game called “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.” This was a crossover game that featured Mortal Kombat characters facing off against DC heroes like Batman, The Flash, and Super-Man that was rated T for Teen.

Mortal Kombat 11 included the ESRB rating descriptors “Blood and Gore”, “Intense Violence,” and “Strong Language.” It sure does earn those descriptors, too. Matches are full of ultraviolent moves that show blow splashing, bones breaking, and internal organs being dismembered. I’m a grown man and I have trouble watching some of the fatalities.

It is Up to the Parents

Ultimately, it is up to parents to decide whether or not Mortal Kombat is appropriate for their children. While the game is not intended for children, some parents may feel comfortable allowing their children to play the game under their supervision. Others may choose to avoid the game altogether.

The Importance of Parental Controls and Monitoring

For parents who do choose to allow their children to play Mortal Kombat, it is important to set boundaries and monitor their children’s gameplay. Play with them if you can. This will give you a more complete view of the content they are consuming than any guide ever could. You should also talk to them about the games they are playing and the content in them so you can understand how the content is making them feel.

Alternatives to Mortal Kombat for Kids

There are plenty of alternative games that offer similar gameplay without the gore for parents who are uncomfortable with the violence in Mortal Kombat. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Street Fighter VI, and Tekken 7 are all popular fighting games that are rated either E 10+ (Super Smash Bros.) or T for Teen (Street Fighter and Tekken).

You can also check out our EFG Essentials lists for additional alternatives.

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially announced that eSports are coming to the Olympics! 

The 2023 Olympic Esports Series is an exciting event that the whole family can enjoy together. For the first time, the series will feature live, in-person finals, giving talented players the chance to advance to the Olympic Esports Finals 2023. Hosted at Singapore’s Suntec Centre from June 22nd to 25th, these thrilling finals will be a major highlight of the newly announced Olympic Esports Week 2023.

Gathering in Singapore for this one-of-a-kind competition, participants will go head-to-head in front of enthusiastic fans, vying for the esteemed title of Olympic Esports Series champion. The (sure to be) electrifying finals will be streamed live on Olympics.com and Olympic social media channels.

“The Olympic Movement brings people together in peaceful competition. The Olympic Esports Series 2023 is a continuation of that, with the ambition of creating more spaces to play for both players and fans of elite competition. We look forward to witnessing some of the world’s best compete on the global stage, as well as exploring together shared opportunities and lessons – across health and wellbeing, training and innovation.”

David Lappartient, Chair of the IOC Esports Liaison Group 

Building on the success of the Olympic Virtual Series, the IOC’s new competition format aims to support the growth of virtual sports within the Olympic Movement. The 2021 series, held before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (which where delayed to the pandemic), saw over 250,000 participants from over 100 countries compete. 

The 2023 Olympic Esports Series shows how the Olympic Movement, gaming, and esports communities keep working together, creating fun and exciting chances for players and fans of all ages.

The events that will be included are:

  • Archery (in partnership with the World Archery Federation, played using Tic Tac Bow),
  • Baseball (in partnership with the World Baseball Softball Confederation, played using WBSC eBASEBALL™: POWER PROS),
  • Chess (in partnership with the International Chess Federation, played using Chess.com),
  • Cycling (in partnership with the UCI, played using Zwift),
  • Dance (in partnership with the World DanceSport Federation, played using JustDance)
  • Motor sport (in partnership with theFédération Internationale de l’Automobile, played using Gran Turismo).
  • Sailing (in partnership with the World Sailing, played using Virtual Regatta),
  • Taekwondo (World Taekwondo, played using Virtual Taekwondo)
  • Tennis (International Tennis Federation, played using Tennis Clash)

Is it Spelled “Esports” or “esports?”

The correct spelling is “esports” (with no capitalization).

I’m sure more than a few of you are questioning that since I spelled it two different ways in this article. The reason for the difference is that it is spelled Esports when included in the title of an event. Hope that clears it up!

What do you think? Are you going to watch these Olympics esports events? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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GTA6 is coming! And that means parents need to start paying attention. This franchise is rated M for a reason: It’s not appropriate for kids. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about GTA6 (that we know so far) so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s appropriate for your child.

GTA games are known for their violence, gore, and sexual content. GTA games have always been popular among kids and teens. GTAV was no different. The game was so popular that it sold over 11 million copies in its first week. That’s a lot of copies! And that means a lot of kids were playing it.

I’ve said it before on Engaged Family Gaming content. I’m not here to judge. You know your kids and your family better than any of us here at EFG do. So if you want to let them play, then by all means. Our goal is to provide as much information as we can about the content of the game so that you can make a real decision.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Is Going to be Everywhere

GTAV is one of the best-selling games of all time. Its successor is going to be a MONSTER. It will be a major topic in every available form of media once it is released. There won’t be any way for you to avoid it.

And if you can’t avoid it, then your kids can’t either. They will see ads. They will likely watch streams and YouTube videos. And, more importantly, they’ll hear about it from other kids either at school, in sports, or on the bus. It is almost inevitable that they will ask about the game. We want to make sure you have all the information that you can so you can be prepared.

GTA 6 Has Been Announced!

Rockstar Games has officially announced Grand Theft Auto 6. It will be set in Vice City (a fictional version of Miami), but will also extend out into a fictional region that will include all sorts of different biomes (like the Everglades and small rural towns). The trailer (embedded below) tells us that we’ll be playing as two characters (a man and a woman who are in a relationship). We don’t know the mechanics of the game for sure, but it is safe to assume that players will be able to switch between them similarly to the way you could switch between the three main characters in GTA 5.

GTA 6 Trailer Number 1

What is the GTA6 Release Date?

Grand Theft Auto 6 doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but Rockstar did list 2025 as the release year in Trailer 1.

The Potential ESRB Rating

Grand Theft Auto 6 is still in development and doesn’t have a release date. That means we don’t have ESRB information about it yet. However, we can infer what the ESRB rating will be based on the rating information for GTA5. It was rated M for mature with the content descriptors “Blood and Gore,” “Intense Violence,” “Mature Humor,” “Nudity,” “Strong Language,” “Strong Sexual Content,” and “Use of Drugs and Alcohol.” That is quite the laundry list of mature descriptors.

Sexual Content and Violence Against Women

One thing that I think is worth being called out separately is the sexual content. Parents often think of violence when they think about GTA games. But, the sexual content is often either forgotten or isn’t even thought about at all. This leads parents who are less concerned about violence to let the game slide. (This is a pretty common thing in the US. Many parents are far more concerned about nudity and sexuality than they are about guns and violence.)

Another detail that is worth mentioning is that GTA6 will feature a Latina protagonist. That is, admittedly, a big step for the franchise in terms of representation. However, It does mean that all of the violence being done against you while playing the game as that character will likewise be done to a woman. Rockstar Games isn’t known for treading gently with their games. So only time will tell how all of this will play out.

GTA Online 2?

GTA 5 included GTA Online which has been one of the most prolific online games of the last decade. In fact, “Shark Cash,” the game’s digital currency, generates more than $800 million annually. That kind of success isn’t something that Rockstar can ignore. It is very safe to assume that GTA 6 will include either GTA Online access OR access to a sequel to the smash hit online game.

GTA Online is a very different beast than the main game. It includes the expected content, but also the added “spice” of online interactions. The community that plays GTA Online is broad and robust and includes players of all ages. So this is something parents will want to be aware of and consider.

The Choice is Ultimately in Parents’ Hands

So there you have it, parents. Everything you need to know about Grand Theft Auto 6. It’s coming out soon and it looks like it will be just as violent and explicit as its predecessors. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Are you going to let your kids play? or will you be staying away?

Looking For Alternatives to GTA 6?

The EFG Essentials

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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The Nintendo Switch is wildly popular, and Nintendo is pairing it with an online subscription service similar to both Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus. Their service, called Nintendo Switch Online, launched in the fall of 2018 and is a great value for families looking to get more out of their Switch experience. 

The Pitch

Nintendo Switch Online is an annual subscription service that is required into order to play Nintendo Switch games like Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online. It also includes bonus features like access to cloud saves, and access to a suite of NES and SNES games. Subscribers also get access to exclusive sales offers and Switch online exclusive games like Tetris 99. 

Nintendo Switch Online is an annual subscription service that is required into order to play Nintendo Switch games like Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online. It also includes bonus features like access to cloud saves, and access to a suite of NES and SNES games. Subscribers also get access to exclusive sales offers and Switch online exclusive games like Tetris 99.

How Does it work?

You can subscribe to either Nintendo Switch Online (the base subscription) OR Nintendo Switch Online with Expansion Pack (the base subscription with additional features).

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription-based service that can be purchased annually, or in smaller increments. The service needs to be maintained in order to continue the benefits and maintain access to the features. 

The service includes: 

Online Play – Online multiplayer gaming using the Nintendo Switch Online platform

NES and SNES – Nintendo Switch Online – Nintendo Switch Online members have access to curated library of more than 60 NES and Super NES classic games. The collection initially only includes NES games, but was updated a year later to include SNES titles. The curated library of games will grow over time. These games also include online competitive/cooperative play with friends. Certain games (like Super Mario Bros.) even include the ability to virtually pass the controller back and forth.

Save Data Cloud – Subscribers can back up their save game data to the cloud. This makes it easier to retrieve their save data if they lose their Switch or start to use a new one. It is worth mentioning that some games aren’t compatible with cloud saving. The most noteworthy examples are Pokemon Sword and Shield and the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

Smartphone App – Nintendo has released a smartphone app (available for iOS and Android). It syncs with the subscriber’s Nintendo account and includes some minor enhancements for different Switch games. You can also use it to use voice chat with your Nintendo friends as you play. (Certain games, like Fortnite, circumvent Nintendo’s app and allow voice chat through the game software itself. This isn’t universal though.)

Special Offers – Subscribers will have access to exclusive sales and product offerings. They have included controllers, discount game vouchers, and even an exclusive game (Tetris 99). 

Nintendo Switch Online With Expansion Pack

This subscription includes all of the benefits of the base subscription with the below additional benefits. 

Nintendo 64 Games

The Expansion pack includes Nintendo 64 games like Mario Kart 64

Gameboy Advance Games

The Expansion pack includes Game Boy Advance games like The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3.

Sega Genesis Games

The Expansion pack includes access to a collection of Sega Genesis games like Golden Axe and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Game Expansions

The Expansion Pack also includes the DLC to several popular Switch games like:

  • The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass
  • The Animal Crossing New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise Expansion
  • The Splatoon 2: Octo-Expansion

How Much Does it Cost?

Nintendo Switch Online can be purchased annually, quarterly, or monthly. The service also has a 7 day free trial. 

Annual Subscription: $19.99

3 Month Subscription: $7.99

1 Month Subscription: $3.99

Nintendo Switch Online also has a Family Membership option where up to 8 Nintendo Accounts can share an online subscription for $34.99 annually.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass can be purchased annually for $49.99. 


This basic Nintendo Switch Online service is a great value for families. The cost is relatively low at $20 a year and it includes a wide array of free games to play.

The Expansion Pack is a significant increase in price, but the fact that it includes additional DLC content for some the best Switch games on the market helps a lot.

If your kids aren’t interested in the NES/SNES games and only play Fortnite, then this is a service you can likely avoid. Fortnite doesn’t require an active subscription to play.

There are a ton of other premium video game services out there so we wrote guides for all of them.  Take a look below:

A Parent’s Guide to EA Origins Access

A Parent’s Guide to EA Access

A Parent’s Guide to the Xbox Game Pass

A Parent’s Guide to PlayStation Now

A Parent’s Guide to PlayStation Plus

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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Every week the EFG staff will be defining a gaming term that is either confusing or ill-defined. Please leave a comment with any terms you are confused by and we will try to include them in future editions!

Social Deduction is a mechanic found in both video games and board games. In a Social Deduction game, players have a hidden roll and/or objective and typically a person who betrays the other players. The other players try to deduce the roll of their opponents based in the choices and actions they take. In many Social Deduction games player roles are secretly assigned. Depending on their role, player may have a different win condition or objective.

These games often call for players to lie, be deceitful, and try and undermine the other players, which can be challenging for some, and especially for younger players.

Social Deduction games, especially with hidden traitors, often have themes suited for older kids and adults. The target audience typically included teens and up across both board and video games.

Board Game Example

Human Era, players are randomly and secretly assigned the role of crew members in the last time machine. Players need to save space and time from the chaos created by human time travel. However, there is a problem, some crew members are machines or cyborgs (half humans-half machines) who have their own agenda.

Other Board Game Examples

  • Shadows Over Camelot
  • Hand to Hand Wombat
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill

Video Game Example

Among Us is a popular online app and Steam game. Players are on a spaceship and there is at least one imposer, who is an alien. Players have to figure out the impostors, before the impostors kill too many humans. The humans try to decide who is a alien and throw them out of the ship.

Thinking critically about the games our kids play and the way that our kids play them provides great insight. It is also a great way to connect with them. You’ll understand the games they enjoy better. You might even enjoy them a little better too!

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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If you’re looking for some new games to keep your teens entertained, look no further! Here are 5 Meta Quest games that are sure to please. Each one is recommended by teens who knows what’s hot right now. So put down the phones and tablets, and get your (VR) family game on!

Note: You can read our report about VR safety for kids.

Beat Saber

Buy Beat Saber here

Imagine, dual-wielding light sabers, while red and blue boxes are rapidly flying toward you, your goal, cut the boxes in half. Now imagine that but with epic music in the background. The main premise cutting boxes to the rhythm of the music. with many styles of music from pop to county to rock there is a style for everyone. There is also a campaign that gives special win conditions for different levels in different difficulties, such as moving your hands a certain distance or only having a certain number of misses or incorrect cuts. In addition it also gives you a good arm workout and feels like you have actually been swinging around lightsabers at high speed. Doesn’t that sound fun? If it does, Beat Saber is the game for you. If it isn’t, your insane. Beat saber is a VR rhythm game where you’re trying to cut boxes out of the air, and its amazing.

Super Hot VR

Buy Super Hot VR here

If you have ever watched the Matrix and wanted to do that cool bullet time thing, SUPERHOT is the perfect game. Time only moves when you move, and only moves at the speed you move, making it an amazing puzzle shooter, where it makes you feel like an action movie star bobbing and weaving between an onslaught of bullets. Superhot forces you to pay attention to not moving at all when you assess a situation, while doing so moving around locations where you can throw weapons to yourself just before moving to that next location. It also has you make do with what is around you to defend yourself and attack the enemy. Fighting with everything from wine bottles and ashtrays, to ninja stars, to pistols and machine guns.


Buy Moss here

Moss is a third-person action game where you guide a mouse through a wildlife adventure. With beautiful graphics, fast-paced combat, and Zelda style puzzles, Its one of the best VR games for new players, as it takes a familiar genre, and puts it into a new perspective. Check out the impressions from the E3 Team in 2017 here.

Job Simulator

Buy Job Simulator here

Job Simulator is a physics-based VR game that is a basic simulation of how jobs work narrated and lead by JobBot. There are four jobs to choose from, office worker, gourmet chef, auto mechanic, and convenience store clerk. It uses floating CRT monitors to simulate people and interact with them, and it allows you to just mess with everything if you want. everything has physics and throwing things at the robots will cause them to respond. The tasks you are given range from giving a presentation to your coworkers to being on TV with CookBot Ramsey. It is a fun game you you can play for countless hours, changing different things every time, or going into infinite overtime narrated and lead by TempBot, which is and endless mode with countless other things to do. These things range from playing silly knockoff games on the computer, like flappy bot, to supping up a bots car for a street race.

Cooking Simulator

Buy Cooking Simulator here

Cooking simulator VR takes the chaos of working in a kitchen, but makes it harder by giving you semi-realistic physics. A super fast-paced, and chaotic physics game. It’s a must-have for those who like bringing their headset to parties, and like social games. In the story mode it is your job to take orders and turn a 1 star restaurant into a 5 star restaurant, with one catch, you are by yourself, and are taking multiple orders at a time. There is a time constraint. or you can play in free play and make whatever you like, refining your skills to that of a professional cook. It also allows you to find and learn how to make real recipes (with the exception of how much time they take to make) and gives you all the tools to make almost whatever food you want. With several locations/kitchens to cook in and explore.

This article was created with contributions from Isaac Wrobel

Photo Credits: Isaac Wrobel

What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Make sure to keep your eyes on Engaged Family Gaming for all of the latest news and reviews you need to Get Your Family Game On!

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