Guest Writer: James Pisano

Take a minute and commune with 8 year old you.  I’ll wait.

Ok, so remember all the commercials from the 80s for Matchbox race cars and track?  They promised that your cars would fly through the air, doing impossible stunts, all from the comfort of your living room, only to disappoint when you finally tried it.  Obviously… we are talking about plastic and die case metal toys here…

Enter Tiny Tracks… a VR game in development by (insert studio) and being published by (Sony?).  Through a 3rd person VR perspective and Dual Shock control scheme, you’re greeted by a kind of racing room where you will ultimately accumulate trophies and awards.  It’s there that you pick your track and car.  Keep in mind at this point in development, the cars are pretty generic.  No current plans as far as we know to license existing toy car lines, but that would add a certain flair to the game.

Once your car and track are selected, you’ll see one of several themed tracks, from tropical islands to a volcanic underworld.  The tracks are filled with twists, turns and dynamic props.  The more accurately you steer, the more boost you build up.  Hug the turns and slam the boost on the straightaways, and you’ll be a champ in no time.  So whether you’re a kid wanting to dive into VR and conquer the course, or a gamer parent wanting to realize the imaginations of your inner 8 year old, Tiny Tracks is a great choice for VR entertainment.

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