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Editor’s note: We know that this isn’t a particularly new game. We have a back log of reviews that were written, but not published during our hiatus over the holidays. So we’re publishing them now!

Overall Review:

Super Mario 3D World is pure multiplayer perfection. Mario games have included 4player game play for years, but they have always been more about spreading chaos and dissension than about fun. Those days are over.

Super Mario 3D World gives up to four players the chance to step into Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad’s shoes without stepping on each other’s feet. The switch to a 3d plane helps here. Levels are designed to be large enough for everyone to do their own thing without impeding each other; this is all but impossible in side scrolling levels in more traditional 2d Mario games. This style is excellent for allowing players of varied skill levels to participate in their own way.

I have spent a lot of time playing with both of my boys (8 and 5) and we have been enjoying ourselves immensely!

It also needs to be noted that 3D World is likely the most gorgeous Mario game I have ever played. Simply put, anyone who has said that Mario wouldn’t benefit from sharper and more colorful visuals is definitely proven wrong here.

The WiiU has struggled to find a foothold in the world market and has thus far failed to move the kind of units that its predecessor, the Wii, did. Super Mario 3D World may not be ‘the solution’ to that problem, but the only thing that Nintendo can do is to improve the quality of its WiiU library as quickly as they can. Super Mario 3D World certainly helps with that goal and is a must own for anyone with a WiiU.


Family Gaming Assessment:

Mario titles  are the poster children for family friendly video games, there is nothing to be concerned about with this game.

It is worth noting that this game does prominently feature a playable female character, Princess Peach, who has a very unique and often advantageous power. She has the ability to hover over obstacles. Peach may wear a pink frilly dress, but this is a great chance for young girls to feel good about selecting a female character that they can enjoy playing that isn’t just tacked on.  In fact, my entire family has been known to fight over playing her, that isn’t terribly common among a group of boys.

Playability Assessment:

This game  is a 3D platforming game. This can make it very challenging for young children who struggle with navigating their characters on a 3D plane.

Mario games are, historically, very challenging. Recent games in the franchise have softened the challenge slightly by providing a power up at the beginning of a stage after a player has failed five times. This power up makes the player permanently invincible throughout the level, but doesn’t protect them from falling into pits. In a way, this provides a sort of middle ground to the game where a player can focus purely on the platforming elements before they worry about balancing that with enemies.


If you own a WiiU, then there is no reason not to purchase this game. It is just that good.

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By Stephen Duetzmann

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