Storytelling is a core component of childhood which carries into a love of stories as and adult. For many gamers their love of following a story translates to playing Role Play Games. Questlings has taken that love of story and approached it from multiple directions. Their Kickstarter is live and runs until December 10, 2020, and has successfully funded.

Children’s Books

One way Questlings approached telling stories is through children’s books. Currently the book: So You Want to be a Paladin, is completely finished and ready. The outline and planning for three other books is in the works. The wirtting is complete for, So You Want to be a Mage with the illustrations in progress. The target age for the books is children ages 4-7, and feature children self discovering the ideals they look up to.

Role Play Game

The Questlings world in the books is also the setting of a Role Play Game. This game has a unique feature that I have not seen in other games, the player is actively playing two different characters. The two characters are the child and the inner hero. The child character is the primary character, and when they face a challenge, the inner hero come out. The recommended age of the Role Play Game is eight and up.

Gameplay Incorporates Seven Steps

  • Spotlight a player
  • Move the party, where the Spotlight player choses to move the party one space.
  • Spotlight Discussion, where the Spotlight player askes questions about the new location
  • Challenge Roll, is performed by the Spotlight player when they come to a challenge
  • Fantasy Transition, where the Inner Hero is called upon
  • Team Roll, each player describes how they interact with the challenge and roll
  • Resolution, a discussion occurs about the challenge, and characters collect new items

Safety Tools

To support the comfort of all players on each player card there are three faces to denote how the player is feeling. With these faces, the players can point or speak the color they are feeling to inform the Game Master guide the storyline. One example of this tool in play occurred when the Game Master had a dragon appear and a player pointed to red. The game immediately paused to check in with the player to see what detail they found too intense. The Game Master then changed the size of the dragon to tiny, and the player was then comfortable to proceed. With such young players, this safety tool allows easy communication of what they like, are uncertain about, and what makes them uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

Questlings provides a familiar world for young gamers to begin exploring the world of role play games. The Questlings two mediums of story books and role play game allows the youngest kids to become familiar with the world. Then, and as they get a bit older the game allows players to explore that world as duel characters. This book and game set may be the prefect fit for families looking to delve into the world of role play games with their kids.

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By Linda Wrobel

Managing Editor: Board Games Mother, Educator, and Board Game Editor.

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